Intellias is one of the leading IT employers in Ukraine since 2010

Intellias is one of the leading IT employers in Ukraine since 2010

Highlighted by KPMG as one of the top ITO-BPO providers in Lviv

Highlighted by KPMG as one of the top ITO-BPO providers in Lviv

Strategic focus on DACH and Benelux since 2002

Strategic focus on DACH and Benelux since 2002

Ukraine is #1 CEE outsourcing location and #4 globally by the number of high-quality software engineers

Ukraine is #1 CEE outsourcing location and #4 globally by the number of high-quality software engineers

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Intellias is a challenge-driven software development and consulting company, based in Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa), Poland (Krakow) and locally represented in Berlin and Zurich.

Intellias helps ISVs, technology companies and enterprises to effectively manage the engineering and technological challenges they face and transform them into opportunities for business growth and competitive advantage. Highly rated by its customers and employees, it has been awarded a status of Lviv's top IT employer since 2010 ( and is now one of Ukraine's top 5 midsize IT employers; also KPMG highlighted Intellias as one of the top ITO-BPO providers in Lviv. 

By specifically focusing on DACH, Benelux, Danish and UK markets since 2002, we are well used to dealing with local peculiarities and spencial market demands.

Project-based outsourcing is the best fit in case your project requirements and deliverables are clearly defined. It proves to be the ultimate choice for irregular though ongoing or one-off projects.

Dedicated Development Teams

Dedicated Development Center model represents full-time cost-effective development resources allocated to work exclusively on your projects on a long-term basis.

Intellias becomes the winner of Best IT Employer 2010-2016 (Lviv)




Intellias has accumulated a comprehensive cross-industry experience in analyzing, optimizing, designing, developing and supporting SaaS and PaaS solutions with redundant architectures, easy customization and impressive scalability. We enable you to considerably improve total cost of ownership, time to market and services availability, resulting from moving your software to cloud.


Data Solutions

Data Solutions are unsurpassable for obtaining insights from a huge volume of data collected and processed each day by your organization and transforming them into areas of opportunities for your business. Our Big Data, Data Analytics and Data Science competencies allow you to effectively analyze, structure and manage your data, reducing infrastructure and administration overheads, while addressing both real-time scenarios and historical data processing.



Binding together the software and physical world, we assist businesses in developing solutions for automation of everyday life. An integral part of this service is embedded development (sensor data processing, machine-to-machine communication) as well as big data and real-time systems engineering. Increasing connectivity, Intellias adds extra intelligence to your solutions, which results in increased revenues, higher safety and ultimately – a better quality of life of your end-users. 



Intellias provides a portfolio of services that covers vulnerability assessments, security testing, secure architecture design, consulting on standards compliance as well as best industry practices implementation. One of the most important aspects of our Security competence is the enablement of secure SDLC to assure and control security at all stages of software development cycle.



Our competence includes native and cross-platform mobile development driven by best UI/UX practices for seamless user experience with consumer and enterprise applications. Usually it is complemented by cloud back-end services development or adoption of existing solutions. Along with that, we boost organizations’ efficiency, developing comprehensive mobility strategies based on company growth vector and existing software capabilities. 

Our Services

  1. Product development The service was designed to help you develop innovative, competitive and user-centered products that your clients will appreciate, while boosting your time to market. It could also help you scale development of your already existing products.

  2. Project Outsourcing This service model is the best fit, especially, if you would like your outsourcing partner to hold responsibility for delivery and development risks, while you retain full control over business strategy and associated outcomes. It caters for changing needs for resources with pricing being based on the project scope.

  3. Consulting Our technology and organizational consulting services cover engineering, ALM, competence management, agile transformation and development budget optimization, allowing you to benefit from industry’s best practices and access to expert groups.

  4. Custom Enterprise Solutions Our Enterprise offering enables you to develop internal systems to support enterprise-wide collaboration, decision making and enterprise resources planning as well as to digitize your mobility strategy. Also it helps you transform plentiful real time data into valuable insights for your business.

  5. Intelligent Dedicated Team If you are looking for a long-term software team extension in nearshore locations, this is the preferred way to go. In just a few weeks you will get a core team operating in Ukraine or Poland, suited to your needs and requirements. We have experience with building teams of varied size (up to 200+ people) and offer Delivery Management service for even greater control and efficiency.

  6. Delivery Partner This offering caters for your extended needs for outsourcing of complete software development streams or regular, long-lasting contracts with your key clients and relies on a special Governance Framework, process alignment and extensive on-site presence.