Great People, Great Results

In the market of software and web development outsourcing, the most important aspect for success is to have the right people in place. Therefore, we take great care of having the right professionals in place and put great emphasis on the selection, retention and training of our people.


Intellias maintains an active recruitment policy. Besides an elaborate database of 5,000+ candidates, we also actively manifest ourselves online via  HR events, active advertising and social media promotion campaigns. Furthermore, we are active in the student community of Lviv’s universities. Our city Lviv hosts 2 universities, which can be considered among the best in the country and from where over 2,500 IT students graduate each year.


Recruiting great people requires a lot of effort and dedication, but keeping great people in a competitive market might require just as much care. Therefore, we have a broad range of extra benefits in place. We do not only offer flexible working hours, regular team building activities and membership to swimming- and fitness clubs, but we mostly invest in a personal bond with our people, which leads to a positive and friendly working atmosphere in our company.


Having the right people in place means having a team which is eager to learn, develop itself and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in IT. For this reason, we offer language trainings, compensation for professional certificates and seminars and workshops on development methodologies and quality assurance for all our employees.


Vitaly Sedler, Co-founder and Managing Director

Vitaly Sedler Being the main responsible person for Sales and Marketing, I am in close contact with our clients and prospective clients.

Because of our company size, we are able to maintain a personal relation with our clients and therefore, I am proud to say that I deal with every customer personally. I believe this is one of the main strengths of our company and the reason why our customers tend to be our partners for many years.

Please feel free to contact me, so I can personally tell you more about our company and what we can do for your business.



Michael Puzrakov, Co-founder and Managing Director

Michael Puzrakov

Being a reliable outsourcing partner these days means keeping your clients competitive. Outsourcing is common practice in more and more parts of the software development cycle. This means that clients pose increasingly high demands on their outsourcing partner.

As the director of business development, I make sure Intellias is able to meet our clients’ standards. This means I make sure we staff the right resources for the job, maintain the latest quality standards and arrange the right training to keep our developers up-to-date with the latest developments in technologies.