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Vitaly Sedler


Intellias co-founder and CEO, Vitaly Sedler has been driving company's success since its inception; contributing to making Intellias a top recognizable IT brand in Ukraine.

Vitaly embarked on his career path right after earning a degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics from Ivan Franko University of Lviv. In 1999, he joined a German-Ukrainian software development enterprise, assuming the leading role in managing projects for key accounts like Deutsche Bank. Eventually, however, his entrepreneurial self took over, and in 2002, together with Michael Puzrakov, he founded Intellias, one of the first Ukrainian DACH-oriented outsourcing companies at the time. From then on, he has been the driving force for bringing in new customers and shaping the development strategy.

As CEO, Vitaly is convinced that value and customer centricity are the only reliable customer magnets. Under his leadership, the company has grown by 450% over 2014-16s in its production capacity and technological diversity, making Intellias home to both most talented engineering teams and innovative businesses. The next ambitious point on Vitaly’s to-do list is bringing Intellias to Ukraine’s Top 10 outsourcing companies over the next few years.

Michael Puzrakov

COO, Board Chairman

Since co-founding Intellias, Michael Puzrakov has been fostering a systematic approach to organization management that brought the company among the top IT outsourcers in Ukraine. Due to his leadership and governance expertise, Intellias has grown into an all-star 500+ IT team.

A degree holder in Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Michael brought to Intellias his administrative and operational experience of a Technical Director from a German-Ukrainian software development enterprise as well as his previous background in software engineering.

Once at Intellias, Michael started with revving up the company organizational and business development, then eventually focused on operational management and corporate governance, holding the positions of COO and Board Chairman. As COO, Michael transforms business processes and optimizes management practices, which play a significant role for Intellias’ growth strategy. As Board Chairman, he ensures the fulfillment of business integration strategies, guiding the company forward with the core beliefs in balanced decision making, innovation, and fair partnership.

Andriy Terlyga


An accomplished senior executive and a technology expert, Andriy joined Intellias in the early days of the company and pursued his career from a lead engineer to a CTO. Within the current role, he focuses on strengthening the company’s corporate strategy and service models, developing core competencies, and providing technical direction to the delivery management, strategic account management and customer engagement. Andriy is an expert in software outsourcing, Agile governance, strategic technology management and R&D. Occupying the positions of Project and Program Manager, he has successfully completed several strategic projects for Automotive, Facility Management, EduTech and FinTech industries, coordinating large accounts with over 200 employees in operation.

Victor Haydin

VP Sales & Marketing

Having started his career as a software engineer, Victor quickly realized that through innovation in technology he could bring even more value to customers. This perception led him from software engineering to building R&D, and later, Products and Services departments, and then evolved through Strategic Marketing to Business Development. Over the recent years, Victor and the teams he led have been exploring the core market drivers, engaging customers with strong value propositions, generating leads, communicating proposals to key customer stakeholders and doing post-sales transfers – every aspect of the strategy, marketing, pre-sales and sales cycle. Victor is a big believer in Lean principles, market-driven strategies, customer centricity, and innovation that open new horizons for sustainable and profitable businesses.

Olha Dyuzheva

Sr. Director, HR&Recruitment

Olha is a senior HR professional with over 15 years of experience in all aspects of human resource management. As a Sr Director of HR & Recruitment, Olha pursues the key HR directions as a part of Intellias’ overall business strategy to ensure a continual supply of talent required for the existing and evolving projects. Driving and inspiring the team of 20+ HR Managers and Recruiters, Olha oversees and directs the progress of employee recruitment, retention and development plans, as well as assumes the key role in establishing the policies for employer branding, talent acquisition and management, and cooperation with HR vendors. She believes in the humanistic approach to management and an important social role of an HR professional as a mediator driving both business and career success.

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