Great People, Great Results

In software development outsourcing industry human capital is the most important company asset. Therefore, we make every endeavor to have the right people in place and place great emphasis on the selection, retention and training of our staff.


Intellias has access to the deep pool of talent, conditioned by its leading position on the labor market and its established reputation as a Top IT employer (by DOU.UA) Besides taking advantage of an elaborate database of 10,000+ candidates, we also actively manifest ourselves online via career and educational events, conferences, active advertising as well as social media campaigns. Furthermore, we keep a close contact with the student communities of Lviv's universities. The company offers special welcome bonuses for the newcomers (trips abroad, bikes during summer period, etc) and a relocation program, which is especially attractive for the internal IT migrants from Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. 

Recruitment is facilitated by a newly launched dedicated recruitment website, which provides in-depth information about company, project teams, professional development and growth opportunities.



Recruiting great people requires a lot of effort and dedication, but keeping great people in a competitive market might require just as much care. Retention plays an important role in our company and we make any effort to keep our employees satisfied and maintain the attrition rates lower than the industry average. 

  • Personal Development Plan with regular (usually semiannual) competency-based appraisals, relying on 100+ competencies with proficiency scales and 25+ job profiles with maturity levels. The assessments rely on unbiased Brainbench tests and expert evaluation by the project managers and team mates;
  • Employee satisfaction surveys. We conduct this survey semiannually by distributing the questionnaire among our employees and use the obtained information to initiate changes & improvements in compensation package, corporate leisure activities, management, etc.
  • Internal technical and soft skills trainings, certifications, etc
  • Regular team building activities



Our training programs are based on PDP procedure (mentioned above) and cover the competencies that have to be improved within the project team. Each project manager plans the training of his teams according to the assessment results of the team members and project needs.

Our training programs typically include:


  • Monthly education programs with internal and external trainers (technical and soft skills)
  • Pro-active mentoring
  • Certification and external events
  • Self-study trainings
  • Language courses (different proficiency levels of English, German)



Vitaly Sedler, Co-founder and Managing Director

Vitaly Sedler Vitaly is responsible for the company’s financial, business development, sales and marketing functions, working in a close contact with prospective and current clients. After completing his studies at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics & Informatics (Department of Programming), Vitaly Sedler joined ULYBIN GmbH, German-Ukrainian enterprise specializing in software development services. In his position Vitaly assumed a key role in a management of outsourcing projects, including those for Deutsche Bank and In February 2002, Vitaly Sedler together with Michael Puzrakov laid the foundation for Intellias, one of the first software development companies in Ukraine strategically oriented towards German-speaking markets. In addition to his technical background, Vitaly obtained Master degree in International Economics. 



Michael Puzrakov, Co-founder and Managing Director

Michael Puzrakov

As a company’s co-founder, he has been working for Intellias since its inception, overseeing company’s HR policy, business process management. Michael is a graduate of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics & Informatics (Department of Programming) of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. Prior to joining Intellias, Michael worked at Ulybin GmbH at the position of Technical Director, assuming administrative and delivery functions.



Recruitment is facilitated by a newly launched dedicated recruitment website , which provides in-depth information about company, project teams, professional development and growth opportunities.