Expertise Overview

Cloud computing has become one of the key innovation enablers for the automotive business. Leveraging the power of big data technologies, like Hadoop MapReduce, Spark, and NoSQL databases coupled with the resources of cloud infrastructures, the automotive ecosystem gains high performance, linear scalability, and business-critical reliability.

Our expertise spans the development of cloud-enabled navigation platforms and location services that take up the challenge of multiple data sources, large-scale processing, real-time scenarios, and processor-intensive machine learning jobs that help, for example, predict travel time, traffic congestion, and vehicle breakdown, provide route recommendations based on fuel consumption and parking lot availability.

With deep domain knowledge and strong engineering expertise, we help OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers scale up their strategy growth through the following Automotive cloud services:

  • Content broadcasting using RTTI
  • Incremental map update services
  • Seamless door2door navigation solutions
  • Synchronization of personal content via user profile
  • Software update services
  • Custom value-added services

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