Expertise Overview

Intellias is the home to the most innovative navigation solutions for the connected car experience. Built upon the expertise of the software technology and the automotive industry, the real-time and pixel-accurate mapping solutions that we deliver guarantee the timeliest and the most secure navigation in every corner of the world.

Ergonomically integrated in the car's head unit display, RSE units, and instrument cluster, the cloud-based location platforms feature a bunch of irreplaceable capabilities for assisted guidance and predictive driving. The route pre-planning options and last-mile guidance that come with the companion applications for smartphones greatly add up to the unrivalled navigation experience.

Another feature that now peaks the interest of automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers is the integration of the map and the real-time traffic data with ADAS, which offers a sense of confidence and road familiarity through adaptive cruise control and curve lights, curve-speed warnings, and sustainable driving.

The mapping and navigation services we deliver also address the needs of businesses—logistics and fleet management companies—that rely heavily on location intelligence in their day-to-day operations. Designed for the needs of large and middle-size companies, the services optimize route planning, track vehicle performance and speed, calculate toll fees, prompt best parking and fueling options, provide street-level images, support vehicles for legal, physical and HazMat limitations.

Our end-to-end navigation experience covers:

  • Map compilation (Navigation Data Standard and proprietary formats)
  • 2D and 3D map rendering
  • Online and offline routing
  • Real-time traffic information broadcasting and processing (TMC, TPEG, DAB, RDS, etc.)
  • Map matching and turn-by-turn guidance
  • Online and offline search

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