Expertise Overview

Intellias is the home to the most innovative navigation solutions for the connected cars and autonomous driving experience. Built upon the expertise of the software technology and the automotive industry, our real-time and centimeter-accurate mapping solutions guarantee the most secure navigation in every corner of the world. 

Ergonomically integrated in the car’s head unit display, RSE units, and instrument cluster, the cloud-based location platforms feature a bunch of irreplaceable capabilities for assisted guidance and predictive driving. The route pre-planning options and last-mile guidance that come with the companion applications for smartphones greatly add up to the unrivalled navigation experience.

Our end-to-end navigation experience covers:

Basic competencies:

  • Map compilation (NDS and proprietary formats) 
  • 2D/3D maps rendering, guidance, and positioning 
  • Online/offline routing and search 
  • Real-time traffic information, broadcasting, and processing (TMC, TPEG, DAB, RDS, etc.)

Advanced Competencies:

  • Multi-layer structure development for HD Maps 
  • OTA SW updates for components and maps 
  • Predictive navigation (based on infrastructure data: POIs, etc.)  
  • AWS and Azure integration  
  • SDK delivery for 3rd parties development  
  • Electronic Horizon Development  
  • NLP and Voice Recognition for navigation  
  • E2E SW Solutions for navigation

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