Expertise Overview

Given an increasing number and diversity of automotive software, we help OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers minimize business risks related to security threats and vulnerabilities of both vehicle operations and driver privacy.

We understand the vital need to discover and predict all possible threat scenarios that might come from vehicle interfaces, remote network services, source code, in-vehicle data transmission and communication protocols.

To ensure the highest possible security level of vehicle internal and external systems, we perform all kinds of software vulnerability assessments, functional security testing, penetration testing, and more.

Backed up by a solid automotive and system security experience, we use the most advanced guidelines, standards, and tools to ensure that vehicle safety is beyond compromise.

Our expertise in vehicle security testing includes:

  • Testing security of in-vehicle software systems and services (incl. head-unit and infotainment software)
  • Investigating CAN bus and ways to attack it
  • Analyzing TCP/IP and Ethernet inside the vehicle
  • TCP over USB and remote network service attacks
  • Insecure in-car data transmission detection
  • Persistence regarding DoS, MirrorLink and XML attacks

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