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In recent years, the cloud-based engineering services have acquired a significant software market share. As big players develop their IaaS and PaaS offerings, Intellias helps the companies move their services to the cloud and thereby optimize their TTM and TCO, while implementing shared nothing design for a high level of system availability and scalability.

While building software on top of existing platforms, we shift focus to development of business logic when such technical aspects as configuration, security, data management, fault tolerance, logging and others have been already encapsulated into the platform services.

Before starting any cloud development or migration, Intellias performs thorough analysis to ensure that the future solution will meet all client’s objectives. Following are the aspects that our cloud experts consider:

  • Security requirements
  • Legal aspects (e.g. data storage regulations, security compliance, licensing)
  • SLA requirements (e.g. performance, availability, fault tolerance)
  • Mission-critical scenarios
  • Integration with other software
  • Infrastructure capacity and costs calculation
  • For migration projects, limitations of the existing software architecture (e.g. support of horizontal scalability)

We Offer

Cloud Applications
Development of software for public, hybrid and private cloud infrastructures
Migration to the Cloud
Porting software from on-premise environment to the cloud platform
Cloud & On-Premise Integration
Bi-directional integration of cloud and on-premise applications, including real time scenarios
Development and production operations support; SLA-based services and best practices


  • Amazon Web Services (EC2, EBS, EMR, CDN, S3, RDS, Boto etc.)
  • MS Azure (Service Bus, Active Directory, SQL Server, Storage, Media Services, Cache, Elastic Search,
  • App Service, Cloud Services, VM, TFS, Networking, Machine Learning etc.)
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • NoSQL (Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase, Voldemort, Redis, memcached, Neo4j, Lucene)
  • Hadoop MapReduce, Spark
  • Message queues (Apache ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, etc.)
  • Load balancers (HAProxy, nginx, Zen Load Balancer)
  • Vagrant, Docker, Jenkins

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