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Intellias’ data solutions transform a big volume of diverse machine- and human-generated unstructured data into the information that facilitates decision making, enables timely risks management and reveals new revenue opportunities, making you ahead of competitors.

At Intellias, we help businesses shape their big data strategies essential for proper solution implementation. We believe that for the strategy to succeed, it must be always oriented towards a value baseline that is defined for the whole organization given its business needs and objectives. There is no sense in building powerful data warehouses that do not answer company’s questions or provide outdated information due to the high latency.

In the same way, Intellias supports their clients in post-production application management by adopting business logic and when needed technical design to fulfill changing information demands.

Our experts analyze data sources, specifics, transactions, timing requirements, data validity, business use cases and other factors crucial to design a software architecture that is driven by business information needs, including real-time insights and historical data processing scenarios.

Utilizing data mining and machine learning techniques, Intellias helps the clients to examine their data— find patters, anomalies and predict the future trends. Apart from that, we have strong expertise in the natural language processing domain, building applications that interact with human languages.

We Offer

Big Data Applications
Software with scalable and reliable architecture capable of handling billions of transactions
Business Intelligence
Data warehouses, analytics, visualization and reporting solutions targeted for huge volumes of data
Data Science
Data mining and machine learning solutions that reveal hidden information and predict future trends by examining the accumulated data
Database Management
RDBMS development, optimization, maintenance and support services
ETL Solutions
Enterprise service bus and custom solutions for systems integration


  • Hadoop, Spark
  • Oracle (RDBMS, Golden Gate), MS SQL Server (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS)
  • My SQL, MariaDB
  • TIBCO Jaspersoft, MicroStrategy, Tableau, Power BI
  • Cassandra, MongoDB, Neo4j
  • Lucene, Memcached
  • Load balancers (HAProxy, nginx, Zen Load Balancer)
  • Message queues (Apache MQ, Rabbit MQ, etc.)
  • Amazon Web Services, MS Azure, Google Cloud Platform

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