26 / October 2016 Intellias interview to Radio Liberty: IT industry shapes the future of Lviv

In his interview to Radio Liberty Intellias co-founder and CEO, Vitaly Sedler has discussed the evolution of Lviv IT and its present challenges.

13 / July 2016 Lviv, Kyiv and now Odesa: Intellias opens a new delivery centre source zahidkurort.com

The opening of a new office in Odesa, which took place on July 12, 2016 is the latest addition to Intellias plans to grow its presence in major IT hubs.

10 / June 2016 Map Solutions 2016: Intellias continues to build map development community in Ukraine

On June 4th Intellias held its 2nd annual Map Solutions conference: Navigation and Location-Based Technologies in Kyiv, having invited distinguished industry experts to deliver their presentations.

06 / May 2016 Intellias launches an office in Kyiv and announces new hires

At the end of April 2016 Intellias announced the opening of its new office in the centre of Kyiv as well as plans to reach 100 employees in the city by the end of 2016.

04 / May 2016 Intellias is now a part of Lviv IT Cluster

In April 2016 Intellias has joined Lviv IT cluster, a prominent community of leading information technology companies.

29 / April 2016 Intellias delivers presentation at Outsource People 2016

Beginning of April 2016 Intellias presented at Outsource People 2016, a distinguished international event on the outsourcing landscape of Eastern Europe, held in Minsk.

01 / December 2015 Intellias again gathers chess lovers for IT chess tournament

In November, all the chess lovers who are part of Ukraine's IT industry were traditionally invited for Intellias IT chess tournament.

01 / October 2015 A breakthrough: reflecting on Intellias’ most successful year

The last weekend of September is traditionally devoted to Intellias anniversary celebration, with this one marking a 13-year milestone.

03 / August 2015 Intellias launches its recruitment website

The new recruitment website intellias.ua went live end of June 2015.

15 / July 2015 Intellias contributes to Lviv's prominent career and educational IT events

IT outsourcing market in Ukraine maintains its growth and continues further consolidation, attracting the increasing number of the talented young individuals to become part of the fast-evolving IT industry.