Intellias interview to Radio Liberty: IT industry shapes the future of Lviv

Given that Lviv holds the prominent positions in the ratings of Central European IT hubs by the number of talents, Radio Liberty has interviewed city’s top IT experts and municipal officials to outline the industry developments at the current stage and make an educated guess into the future. In his interview to Radio Liberty Intellias co-founder and CEO, Vitaly Sedler has discussed the evolution of Lviv IT and its present challenges.

In his interview to Radio Liberty Intellias co-founder and CEO, Vitaly Sedler has discussed the evolution of Lviv IT and its present challenges. According to IT Outsourcing News, Ukraine’s IT community is one of the largest in Europe, with only Lviv alone holding a 15% share of city GRP. The 192 IT companies operating here employ 15,000 specialists and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes and consumer spendings flowing into the local budget annually. In 2016, for example, the annual turnover of the IT industry in Lviv reached $345 million.

Back in 2002, when Vitaly and his colleague Michael founded Intellias, very few understood the opportunities of IT business.

“IT experts from Lviv sought for more promising careers in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine,” recalls Vitaly. “But soon the situation has changed dramatically, and Lviv nowadays has evolved into a top tech IT hub and one of the geekiest cities in Ukraine, attracting IT talent from Kyiv. Through it's mature corporate and local culture, Lviv offers IT companies and their employees’ stability, transparent city policies, open business environment, and competitive opportunities for business and professional growth.”Mr. Sedler underlines the significance of the IT industry for Lviv and explains why he finds the present Ukrainian business environment to be both easier and harder than before.

“Easier because Ukraine is now worldwide known, and the number of domestic IT experts and prospects has grown. Harder because the market conditions have changed, requiring more efforts to start a successful business. Under these circumstances, Lviv’s situation is unique. As there are no industrial giants driving the economy, IT is among the key priorities, with the city authorities contributing to the coinage of a new brand – Lviv, an IT-friendly city.“

Vitaly also defines a portrait of an average Ukrainian IT specialist. “A young person in mid 20’s, with a proactive mindset, who travels a lot and promotes a more conscious lifestyle to the Ukrainian society. For the past 15–20 years, this society has seen a dramatic increase in the number of smart people ready to rebuild Ukraine for a better future.”

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Intellias is an IT outsourcing company with a nearshore software development centres in Lviv, Kyiv and Odesa (Ukraine). It has been successful for years in German-speaking Europe and recently in Benelux, United States and Canada.KPMG highlighted Intellias as one of the leading IT-BPO providers in Lviv, and also the company was awarded the status of Lviv's top IT employer in 2010-2016 (DOU).