On May 24, 2017, Vitaly Sedler, CEO and co-founder of Intellias, a leading nearshore software engineering provider in DACH and Benelux, gave an interview for the Ukrainians magazine. This online medium publishes inspiring success stories about ongoing positive social changes occurring in Ukraine. As part of the interview series “The technology of success” held by leaders and industry influencers of Ukrainian IT companies, Vitaly shared his views on company’s mission, growth, understanding of business, and Lviv’s favorable atmosphere for shaping company’s personality and values.



Tech Background as an Added Value

Back in 2002, when Vitaly and Michael Puzrakov, the COO of the company, decided to establish Intellias, the main goal was to leverage personal experience, interest, and involvement in everything related to IT into their own business. Right from the start, Vitaly’s tech background helped gain a deeper and more precise insight into the new projects, which played the key role in building beneficial and long-lasting relationships with clients.



Intellias for me is not just business for the sake of business. It’s the business with the technologies to which I can personally relate


Intellias: Smart and Comfortable 

Vitaly describes Intellias as a “smart and comfortable” company that develops its corporate culture around employees’ success. The core values of the company are transparency and openness to both clients and employees. Now that Intellias has reached the mark of 600 employees, it strives for sustainable growth, in which its core values, client focus, and informal atmosphere remain unchanged despite doubled team size.



Lviv’s atmosphere — its democracy and openness, played a decisive role in shaping our personal values and the values that prevail in the company


Success Is a Mutual Growth

Intellias is a fast-growing company that keeps recruitment velocity well-paced. In 2016, it welcomed 220 new employees. This evident leap added to the annual growth by 50% in the past few years. Moreover, with the best engineers onboard, Intellias occupies top positions on Lviv talent market and ranks among top ten IT employers in Kyiv. Vitaly highlights that growth is what makes the company successful, and the fact that Intellias manages to take leading positions in the IT outsourcing makes him successful too.



If you compare IT outsourcing with a sport, that will be running a marathon. It is not the speed that matters but whether you manage to keep the same pace all the time


Intellias Is on a Mission

As the essence of the interview, Vitaliy concludes that today’s generation is witnessing the fourth industrial revolution. The one that is much faster and more wide-ranging than its predecessors. The way of Intellias is to sustainably grow and nurture the engineering culture in the mutually beneficial eco-system that unites employees, clients, and users all over the world. And this is the mission Intellias is working towards.



Our mission is to be a part of the fourth industrial revolution. Along with our developers and clients, we are willing to constantly change the world and our lives for better


You can read the full interview with Vitaly Sedler by following this link.


About the Ukrainians

The Ukrainians is an online magazine about Ukrainian people, their initiatives and responsibilities for the country’s future. Their project “The technology of success” is a series of interviews with the most prominent Ukrainian IT companies’ leaders. Throughout the year, the Ukrainians has been sharing stories about the people who lead technology companies in Ukraine, trying to get to know better those who move the country forward.


About Intellias

Intellias is a software engineering company with nearshore development centers in Lviv, Kyiv, and Odesa (Ukraine). It has 15 years of experience in German-speaking Europe, Benelux, United States, and Canada. KPMG highlighted Intellias as one of the leading IT-BPO providers in Lviv. Also, the company received a recognition from Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in Europe.