Customers Overview

SEP AG – A leading-edge innovator in network-wide and cross-platform data availability software.

For more than 17 years, SEP has developed industry flagship technology for data security integrated into one of the most advanced solutions available.

Swissclick AG - One of Switzerland's leading enterprises specialized in online marketing solutions.

The company's clients include buzz brands such as Toyota, Cablecom, CSS and Jelmoli. With Immoclick, its a portal for real estate, Swissclick occupies top positions in Swiss online classifieds market.

e-fon AG is the first (VoIP/SIP) provider in Switzerland that supports the whole variety of non-proprietary communication solutions and drives innovations.

e-fon AG offers high quality Internet telephony services to businesses as well as private customers.

Soreco AG is a leading Swiss ERP provider that serves 30% of the top 500 country’s companies.

Operating since 1988, the company develops HR management, finance and controlling tools.

With 45 television and 32 radio stations in 11 countries, RTL Group is Europe's largest TV, radio and production company.

Being a global leader in content, the company broadcasts 10,000 hours of TV programming annually across 57 countries.

Tai Pan – Austrian leading tour operator, specializing in tours to Middle Eastern and South-Eastern Asia countries like Thailand, UAE and Indonesia.

Adswizz – Is one of the Belgium's most successful media start-ups, actively used by the publishers and media owners to monetize the inventory.

The company serves ads into audio (web radio and music websites), video and iPhone applications. Its clients include Coca Cola and Dell.

Hubbub develops voice-based solutions to enhance online social communication and is positioned as a first 'sound social network', available as an iPhone application and a web service.

Hubbub allows users to follow their friends' activities, when it's more convenient for them to listen than to browse the web and takes advantage of talking&listening as a cornerstone of human interaction.

Our Clients Say

Jerry Bracke

Software Development
Lead, MCS

There are a few things I highly value about Intellias. First is how they guide and enlighten us with their technical expertise through our complex projects. Second is my perception of Intellias. After years of cooperation, I’ve come to consider every employee from the Intellias team as an MCSian. Third is the unprecedented way Intellias raises its team through professional development follow-ups and collaboration reviews. And last, but not least, is the high level of customer care during on-site visits.

Ebbe Groes

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder EveryMatrix, Ltd

"The key for any company is a fast and predictable delivery of highly skilled staff. Even with the highest demands we were able to fill the positions and create the 65 person office that today has become a cornerstone for EveryMatrix development efforts. Our team at Intellias builds highly complex software, conforming to banking standard security and in line with a high-growth company performance."

Derek Adams

Chief Technical Officer
BrainStorm, Inc

"Intellias is a critical and integral extension of our product team. I continue to be more and more impressed with the great company Intellias has become. The people we work with are excellent and there has never been a question of integrity or commitment. This truly reflects on the values instilled by owners and management."

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