Success Stories

Map Operations Platform Automotive, GIS

One of the world's most popular mapping and navigation platforms, which is a data-driven location service on a global scale. The platform operates on billions of weekly transactions, map tiles, search and geo-code requests. Acting as the client's strategic nearshore R&D partner, Intellias contributes to over 15 workstreams dedicated to cloud solutions for map compilations, SDK for automotive navigation, real-time traffic information management, geo-coding, 3D rendering and others.

C#/C++, Python, Java, HTML5, AngularJS, Oracle, Hadoop, 3D Rendering, Linux, QNX
QuickHelp - Innovative Training System E-Learning

An innovative business platform for Fortune 500 companies and internationally renowned universities in North America. The cloud-based portal has been designed as a high-load platform (1M+ active users) for corporate and private customers. It facilitates learning of Microsoft products (MS Windows, MS Office, MS SharePoint, etc.), including the solutions for third-party developers, such as OpenOffice, Novel, and Corel.

Microsoft Azure, WCF, Entity Framework, .NET Framework, TFS, COM, HTML5, ASP.NET Web API, JavaScript SPA Framework
Saas iGaming Platform iGaming

A high-load SaaS platform for an independent vendor of next generation entertainment solutions for the iGaming industry. Intellias implemented a comprehensive, component-based architecture that offers numerous pluggable online gaming services. The solution features rich platform-level functions, such as terabyte-level storage and real-time API with indefinite scalability to support the growing number of clients.

MongoDB, Scala, Binary Traceable RPC, Netty, Redis, MariaDB
Facility & Real Estate Management Facility Management

The solution is an integrated facility management suite developed for a top provider of real estate and facility management services. Designed for large private and public organizations, the suite is available in over 60 countries, serving the Fortune Global 100 companies (Toyota, ING Group, BNP Paribas, Siemens, BASF, Panasonic and other). To extend the competitive advantage of this suite, Intellias designed a cloud-based big data analytics solution for next-generation energy management.

Oracle, Delphi, Ext JS, Zend Framework, PHP, Web Services, PL/SQL, Zend Server, PhpStorm
Phase6/Alphary E-Learning

Built upon proven scientific findings and artificial intelligence technologies (natural language processing), the intelligent solution suite facilitates learning foreign languages and other dictionary-based disciplines. It provides an automatic corrective feedback based on Phase6 methodology, allowing students to learn from their own mistakes and lock vocabulary into a long-term memory. The unique features of innovative products and services as well as partnerships with key educational players (e.g. Oxford University Press) puts the business into a group of true global pioneers in e-learning.

Java, Scala, JSON, JavaScript, HTML, Cassandra, Lucene, Objective-C, SQLite
Energy Monitoring and Balancing Facility Management

Designed for a top vendor of energy management solutions, the web-based system manages energy balance of buildings and real estate. Being available in 20 languages, the Energy Monitoring & Controlling system serves 7,750 users in 35 countries and manages 48,000 buildings, 158,000 data points, and 734M meter readings.

Mocha, JSHint, Sass/Compass, Jasmine, Jenkins, Maven, Bless CSS, GruntJS, Highcharts JS, Deft JS, CSS, Ext JS, JavaScript, HTML5
Geodata - Fiber Network Planning Telecom

Built upon heuristic algorithm of big-size graph clusterization, the product offers smart fibre network (FTTx) planning capabilities. Developed for Geodata, Germany's leader in geographic data processing and planning. The solution strengthens the competitive advantage of the geographic data processing and planning solution suite. The product relies on ESRI ArcGIS, providing not only facilities for graphical network planning, but also complex analytical tools for the automatic creation of network architecture based on area maps and project cost calculation.

JetBrains dotTrace, FxCop, TeamCity, TDD, Moq, Microsoft Unit Testing Framework, ERSI MapObjects, ERSI ArcGIS, LINQ, WCF, WPF/Prism, .NET, C#
Financial Data Management System Fintech

A top-notch data management system (DMS) that helps banks and financial institutions receive complex real-time data. The financial data API provides subscribers with real-time stock quotes, market info, and financial news from multi-source database via secure RESTful API. The system has been developed for a Dutch provider of IT solutions for financial data, internal communication, workforce management, and smart data.

MS SQL 2008 R2, Hosting, IIS7, KnockOut, Durandal, CSS, MVC, C#, Microsoft Azure, JQuery, JavaScript, Entity Framework
SEP - Backup & Disaster Recovery Data Backup&Recovery

A premier software product that replaces multiple backup solutions and provides flexible backup and recovery of all common operating systems, virtual environments, and hypervisors along with a multiple applications and databases. The client is based in Germany and specializes in enterprise backup, restore and disaster recovery solutions.

C/C++, VMWare, HyperV, MS Exchange, MS SQL, MS Sharepoint
Investments Management Fintech

A revolutionizing multi-channel platform for selling corporate receivables and payables to a broad pool of institutional investors, such as Money Market Funds, Pension Funds, Hedge Funds, Family Offices, and Asset Managers. By creating new attractive investment opportunities for investors and improving supply chain financing through flexible liquidity sources, the product brings immediate financial benefits to all parties involved.

HTML5, Jira, Confluence, MySQL, HP Quality Center