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Featured Projects

  • Immoclick Immoclick

    J2EE, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Apache Tomcat, Spring Framework, Freemarker (FTL), AJAX (DRW), Asegi Security, Hibernate ORM, MySQL, PostgreSQL / PostGIS, Google Maps API, Web Services (SOAP / WSDL), XML

    Swissclick, one of the top 3 enterprises on Swiss classified ads market, required to reorganize and improve its existing real estate classifieds portal. The redeveloped platform for the real estate classifieds provides reliable, easy to use and maintain system, open for changes and integrations and introduces a more advanced service offerings for the portal visitors. The platform highlights include the white labeling solutions and GIS subsystem based on Google Maps API and PostGIS.

  • E-FON / VoIP Infrastructure Tool E-FON / VoIP Infrastructure Tool

    J2EE, Spring MVC / Spring IoC, DWR AJAX, Freemarker, Sitemesh, Hibernate ORM, Ant, JUnit, Eclipse / MyEclipse, MySQL

    For e-fon AG, recently highlighted by Bilanz as the Best Business VoIP Provider in Switzerland, our company developed a series of web-based J2EE applications including the billing system, VoIP phones configuration provisioning and a web portal for clients and resellers. One of the benefits obtained by the client was the post-implementation support provided along with the development services.

  • iB2C iB2C

    ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Web Services, MS AJAX, MS SQL / MSDE

    For one of the leading retailers of the evening formal wear on DACH market, our company delivered Integrated Business to Consumer Platform, with the framework being customized to the needs of different businesses. The automation of the client’s retailing activities is further reinforced by the CRM and Supply Chain Management System developed by Intellias.