Intellias Scholarship Program for High School and College Students

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Intellias is pleased to announce that we are continuing our software engineering scholarship program for 2018-2019 years. Our goal is to provide an educational grant for high school seniors, college students, and graduate students from the USA, who are passionate about software engineering.

Scholarship amount: $1000

Application deadline: August 1, 2019

The previous winner

We’re glad to announce the winner of the first Intellias Software Engineering Scholarship Program. The winner has received a $1000 scholarship for future education. We’ve received more than 100 applications from all over the United States, and we would like to thank all who have participated.

The winner is Ryan Xu from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Our team was impressed not only by Ryan’s academic results but also by his software-related experience in Autonomous Racecar development and other engineering projects. We wish Ryan the best in developing his engineering enthusiasm into a very fulfilling engineering career. Keep going Ryan, you’re on the right track!

A few words from the winner

Intellias Scholarship Program for High School and College StudentsHello! My name is Ryan and I am a gamer, pianist, dancer, and adventurer. I spent a lot of my high school career working on software for entertainment and utility. During the school year, I work on projects such as a Checkers game with Alpha-beta Pruning and a Buzzer app for my Quizbowl Club. During the summer, I usually work on new and exciting personal projects and volunteer at the library or organizations that help other students. Last summer, I also attended the Beaver Works Summer Institute at MIT to create an autonomous racecar. In the future, I want to continue what I am doing right now and create software that can make the world a happier and easier place to live in.





Why are we offering this scholarship?

Intellias was founded by two techies, Vitaly and Michael, who met in their Applied Math class at university and later pursued careers in software engineering. Their technical background shaped our corporate values from day one.

Here at Intellias, we’re passionate about software engineering and the innovative nature of what we do. That’s why we’re launching our student scholarship program to encourage talented young people with the same passion for technology that we have. This software development scholarship will help a high school, college, or university student to achieve their goals in a technical field of study and their future career.

We constantly support local IT communities in Ukraine, the country where we’re based, and contribute to new educational programs in Ukraine’s most prominent universities. We’ve helped establish technology labs for the Internet of Things program at the National University ‘Lviv Polytechnic’ and a Data Science lab at the Ukrainian Catholic University.

Our grant for high school students is aimed at shaping the future of the software engineering industry globally. We know that raising the funds for education isn’t easy, especially for talented young people who spend their time studying hard. That’s why we’re offering this opportunity to get a college scholarship. This software development scholarship program can help you explore your talents.

Put simply, we want to support a talented young techie who would like to pursue the dream to innovate and disrupt our tech-first world.

Here are some of the things we’re currently working on at Intellias:

Who can apply?

You can apply for our scholarship program if:

  • You’re a high school senior, undergraduate student, or graduate student studying software engineering, computer science, applied math, or any other program related to software development
  • You have a minimum composite SAT score of 1400 or ACT score of 25
  • You have a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • You have a passion for software engineering and technology

How to apply

Applying to the software engineering scholarship program is simple. Just fill in the application form below.

In the form, we ask for basic personal information, your education history, and your further career goals. We assure you that we respect your privacy – for more information, see our strict Privacy Policy.

How will we review applications?

Our software development grant for high school and college students will be awarded based on a careful review of each application. Our Management Board will examine grades and future career goals to select the student who’s most pro-active and confident about the career they’ve selected. We welcome applicants who have already engaged in some software engineering related projects, research, or studies.

Application form

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