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Benefit from Intellias technology, engineering and organizational consulting to improve performance and give your organization the edge over competition


Having accumulated significant expertise in software engineering, delivery and competence management, Intellias is open to share its experience and know-how to help your organization achieve its business objectives in a more efficient manner, improving performance and leveraging the power of Agile transformation.

Along with problem-solving and consulting on solutions that are the best suited to your given needs and requirements, Intellias also provides Audit service aimed to assess your software, processes or the whole development organization. If you are seeking space for improvement, already received first indications of possible problems or just want to manage your risks and act proactively, Audit service is the right step to start with. As a result, you will receive a comprehensive report on each assessment criteria with the clear explanations of defined scores and areas of attention.

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Our consulting approaches are highly adjustable to your specific needs and requirements, resulting in a very customized approach. Sometimes, the problem our clients share with Intellias is localized and we can proceed with deeper analysis and possible solution elaboration. In other cases, a client just struggles with the consequences of hidden problems, so that an engagement starts with a detailed assessment, which enables root cause definition followed by a solution development.


We have also gained fully-fledged experience with consulting companies of different backgrounds, taking into consideration their unique needs, skills, organizational structure and stakeholders’ availability.

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