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Accelerate enterprise digitization with enterprise-wide collaboration, decision support and resource planning solutions


The services we deliver for the enterprises include decision support systems and software that powers collaboration across your enterprise: business processes, workflow and document management systems, business activity monitoring, internal and customer-facing portals as well as manufacturing integration solutions. We also help you with processing abundant real time data available to your organization and converting it into the valuable insights for your business. Another direction of Intellias custom enterprise solutions development is design and implementation of mobility solutions to cater for increased volume of operations executed out of the office, delivered together with the recommendations for alignment of your existing business processes with the new mobile environment.




Before building any software, it is essential to obtain a good understanding of the business landscape along with the objectives you would like to reach. Usually, Intellias starts with an on-site visit to perform a detailed Business Analysis (BA), which later lays the foundation for proper application development. Once BA is completed, we proceed with the main requirements elicitation and elaboration. In addition to studying business goals and processes, conducting user interviews, our experts also perform a market research that supplements the solution we create with industry recognized best practices.

Non-functional requirements (e.g. system performance, load, scalability, security, localization, fault tolerance, operational hours or even cost of ownership) are also defined during the Discovery phase. They have a serious impact on software architecture and design, therefore must be carefully shaped prior to the development.

We finish Discovery with a roadmap that exposes key milestones towards final solution implementation.

Development & Implementation 

During this phase, a project team performs further requirements refinements, transforming them into smaller features, following interaction, information and visual design stages. Short development iterations (usually 2-4 weeks) assure high agility of the engineering process that enables fast reaction to any changes and facilitates in receiving an immediate stakeholders’ feedback via regular Demo meetings.

Given a predefined release strategy, the software is rolled out first to your staging environment and afterwards –  to the production. Apart from deployment, Intellias takes responsibility for configuration management and talent development, producing e-learning materials, FAQs and other necessary documentation.

Once a new version is installed in production, we start our monitoring process that is focused on continuous system improvement. Specifically, we collect user behaviour metrics and measure business KPIs that are closely linked to the software. In such a way, you get maximum value of the delivered technology.


Intellias covers 3 main aspects of any application running in production: support, maintenance and IT operations. 

Given your business needs, we can set-up a 3-level support with a pre-defined Service Level Agreement. Intellias provides 24/7/365 days a year availability as well as a more cost efficient solution with an agreed upon schedule to surround peak load periods, such as massive payroll calculations or Black Friday for retailers.

We adapt your software to the changing business environment, prevent technical risks, perform system optimization and enhancement. Furthermore, Intellias takes responsibility for anything related to IT infrastructure, new version roll-outs and system monitoring.

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