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Transform market opportunities into real products. Develop products in a Lean way


This service will allow you to boost your time to the market, but at the same time - to create highly competitive products, which your users will be passionate about. We are focused on achieving a deep understanding of your user needs, rapid assumptions validation, risk reduction, continuous improvement as well as innovation and technical excellence to ensure highly efficient, quickly-evolving and fluid product development process.





Initial Assessment – we assist you with evaluating your market requirements, analyzing competitors and shaping product vision that will be further developed by the means of Agile process.

Product Definition – Intellias Product Owner/Business Analyst and your team will jointly perform product SWOT analysis, based on which we will elaborate product strategy and key product features.

Minimum Viable Product – we validate crucial assumptions from the Product Definition stage, which will have a direct impact on your product launch and define your further growth success. The purpose is to reduce your possible risks and validate product concept.

Minimum Marketable Product – during this phase we build for you a product that has a minimal set of features needed to go-live. As a result, we significantly boost your product’s time to market and enable fast learning.

Minimum Marketable Feature – our team continuously works on product growth, iteratively adding new features to your product. Before a new feature is released to the market, it passes beta testing validation on a limited, but representative audience (the same process applied to Minimum Marketable Product).

Release Management 

Frequent, seamless and timely features delivery is essential for building a product that is highly demanded by your market for the value it brings. Also, much emphasis is placed on a short and lightweight release cycle that dramatically cuts your costs for engineering and also positively affects your product marketing budget. A release strategy is highly dependent on solution design, development processes and infrastructure. Modular architecture, easy to rollback features, Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development, Agile with the well-defined and followed Definition of Done are essential practices Intellias implements while developing your product.

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