Case study

An AI Chatbot for Premium Car Dealerships

We helped a UK-based client create a chatbot with extensive AI capabilities to maximize engagement of salespeople

Key features

  • Teach people smartly and conversationally

    Teach people smartly and conversationally

  • Process and comprehend natural human language

    Process and comprehend natural human language

  • Analyze user progress and give feedback

    Analyze user progress and give feedback

Team size:
9 members
February 2018 – present

Microsoft Bot Framework / .NET / Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) / MS Azure Text Analytics API

About the client

Our client is a UK-based eLearning solutions provider that works closely with premium car manufacturers and OEMs. They deliver training software and online platforms for organizations that are looking for the most innovative and productive ways to train and develop employees.

An AI Chatbot for Premium Car Dealerships

Our client came with the challenge

After signing a lucrative contract with a global car manufacturer, our client faced some strict deadlines. The contract was for developing an eLearning solution to teach car dealers how to sell more cars. The end client was preparing to release a new premium car model and needed an innovative solution to train salespeople on all its modern features and benefits.

Our client had had a previous successful experience with Intellias developing machine learning algorithms for a car maintenance solution, so they recognized us as a potential match for developing an eLearning solution with machine learning capabilities. Considering the tight deadlines, they were looking to work with a proven partner.

They chose Intellias to take on this challenge based on their previous experience working with us. Our client wanted us to understand all the particularities of their solutions very fast. Our deep expertise in eLearning solutions and, in particular, implementing machine learning algorithms played a decisive role. After discussing the main requirements, the project began as quickly as the client had hoped.

Intellias developed the solution

Our client required a chatbot that could understand human language and respond to questions about features of a new car model. Initially, it was assumed that this chatbot would support only English, but in future, it will need a new scalable architecture to support different languages and reach a wider market.

Preparing for the launch of a new premium car model, our client required this chatbot to teach sales representatives how to describe the car’s features to potential buyers in the best way possible to increase sales. This innovative approach to training salespeople would also increase learner engagement. Most of all, it would accomplish its goals with extensive AI capabilities.

The chatbot will recognize inquiries by processing natural human language and will understand questions even when they’re asked in unique ways. Machine learning algorithms will find similarities in inquiries and adapt based on collected variations on the same question.

If a customer asks about tires, for instance, the chatbot will recognize the topic and give relevant advice. It might recognize the topic of tires from the following questions:

  • “Where can I change the wheels?”
  • “How about tires?”
  • “What could I do if my car was stuck on the road without the spare tire?”
  • “I need to prepare my car for the ”

Each of these inquiries would be answered with advice on how the customer should act in the particular situation. For salespeople, the chatbot will teach them in a conversational manner by asking the most popular questions about a car’s features and giving feedback on their responses.

The chatbot will be integrated into Facebook Messenger so users can access it anywhere. Still, it will be strictly protected from unauthorized access. Only employees of the end customer will be able to access this chatbot’s functionality. Further development will include integration with other popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Skype, Telegram, and web apps.

Our client is also planning to scale the architecture to support different languages and localize the product for a wider market. Apart from using the chatbot for sales purposes, the end customer is also planning to educate users on car features by implementing the chatbot as a global adviser for drivers who already have a particular car or are interested in learning about its features before purchasing. The number of car models supported will also be increased; for now, the chatbot will only support one newly launched premium car.

Additionally, the solution will have extensive data analysis capabilities to recognize users’ learning progress. The client will receive data on salespeople’s progress and can compare successfully passed training to the level of sales to conclude whether eLearning helps to sell cars.

We’re achieving great results together

For now, our Intellias team is developing the backend and frontend for the chatbot, including doing UX/UI design and implementing machine learning algorithms and modern technologies for natural language processing (NLP). The deadline is the end of April 2018, so development is gaining momentum. After delivery of the core functionality with an MVP, the client is planning to scale this project from covering just one new premium car model and go further by improving the chatbot to cover the end customer’s entire product portfolio.

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