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Intellias is a challenge-driven software engineering company, based in Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa) and locally represented in Berlin.

Since 2002 we've been helping leading technology companies from EU and North America to create their software products by building and operating world-class engineering teams in Eastern Europe for them. We created a comprehensive system of tools and practices to ensure a quick ramp-up, perfect culture match, high productivity and great quality of the output for our teams.

In 2017 Intellias received a recognition from Inc 5000 as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in Europe and has been nominated to GSA UK Awards 2017. Highly rated by its customers and employees, it has been awarded a status of Lviv's top IT employer since 2010 ( and is now one of Ukraine's top 5 midsize IT employers; also KPMG highlighted Intellias as one of the top ITO-BPO providers in Lviv.

At Intellias, we do our best to set an example of a successful software engineering outsourcing company that does care about the social environment it operates in. Intellias’ Corporate Social Responsibility Report summarizes our efforts in organizational governance, established labor and fair operating practices, our commitment to the well-being and professional growth of our employees, the environment, and social impact.

Our Locations

Due to a fully-fledged presence in the most beneficial hiring markets and biggest IT hubs, Intellias has access to 70,000 engineers in Ukraine. Intellias' prominent position in the labor market is a perfect match for clients that would like to quickly scale outside of their local recruitment market, explore locations currently untapped by global players or find narrow profiled specialists.

Our strategic orientation to German-speaking markets is further reinforced by our Delivery office in Berlin.


Awards & Recognition

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