Our Core Team

Recruitment is facilitated by a newly launched dedicated recruitment website www.intellias.ua , which provides in-depth information about company, project teams, professional development and growth opportunities.

Vitaly Sedler


Intellias co-founder and CEO, Vitaly Sedler has been driving company's success since its inception; contributing to making Intellias a top recognizable IT brand in Ukraine.

Michael Puzrakov

COO, Board Chairman

Since co-founding Intellias, Michael Puzrakov has been fostering a systematic approach to organization management that brought the company among the top IT outsourcers in Ukraine. Due to his leadership and governance expertise, Intellias has grown into an all-star 500+ IT team.

Andriy Terlyga


An accomplished senior executive and a technology expert, Andriy joined Intellias in the early days of the company and pursued his career from a lead engineer to a CTO.

Victor Haydin

VP Sales & Marketing

Having started his career as a software engineer, Victor quickly realized that through innovation in technology he could bring even more value to customers.

Olha Dyuzheva

Sr. Director, HR&Recruitment

Olha is a senior HR professional with over 15 years of experience in all aspects of human resource management.

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