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Corporate Gift-Giving Platform for Employee Recognition

We’re building interactive human resources software solutions to personalize employee rewarding experiences

Key features

  • Customize HR software solutions via the integration with leading retailer systems

    Customize HR software solutions via the integration with leading retailer systems

  • Automate and measure the gifting process to ensure higher retention levels

    Automate and measure the gifting process to ensure higher retention levels

  • Provide analytics on employee gift preferences with retail software services

    Provide analytics on employee gift preferences with retail software services

Retail, eCommerce
New York, USA
Team size:
6 members
January 2019 - ongoing

JavaScript / MongoDB / Node.JS / React.js / Redux

Business challenge

Snappy Gifts, an innovative provider of team recognition programs used by 200+ corporations worldwide, has made it their vision to reinvent the way companies show appreciation to their employees. Aiming to bring their engaging gift-giving platform to more businesses around the globe, the company was seeking to quickly find skilled tech workforce to address their rapidly growing engineering needs.

Striking a balance between the massive company growth on the one hand, and insufficient engineering resources on the other, was a challenge in itself. Based on their founder’s prior experience partnering with Intellias, Snappy Gifts contacted us to complement their development team with strong and proficient engineers. The combination of quick staffing, cost optimization, and their former cooperation success with us made Intellias the perfect match for Snappy.
Corporate Gift-Giving Platform for Employee Recognition

Solution delivered

Our team is involved in the R&D of our client’s product, human resources software solutions. We are contributing to generation and discussions of new ideas that are later translated into business and engineering requirements. We’re also helping Snappy set up necessary services and workflows, shape and refine requirements with their customers, and implement UI/UX design. Intellias engineers have become an integral part of the team working on the platform development.

The Snappy Gifts platform provides companies with a system to offer personalized gifts to their team members. An employee can either accept a pre-chosen gift or exchange it for another one from a collection of options with the help of retail software solutions. Snappy is sourced through top retailer brands and marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Birchbox, and Cloud9Living.

We have also equipped the platform with powerful automation and analytics tools. Once set up, it automatically sends gifts on birthdays, holidays, and work anniversaries. Companies can collect gift preference data and use it to offer a more personalized choice of gifts or get discounts with large eCommerce platforms on the most in-demand products.

The gift-giving system that we’re developing offers a unified approach to rewarding employees regardless of the country where the corporation branch is located. The platform provides the same programs and benefits to any customer in any part of the world. However, Snappy can be customized and incorporate new features to match any company’s vision.

Additionally, in order to safeguard customer data and ensure the Snappy platform delivers unique gift experiences to millions of daily users, our team suggested conducting a security assessment of the system. This initiative was eagerly supported by Snappy, as credibility is one of the critical success factors for them in working with large corporations. We have tested the platform and implemented all necessary updates and fixes to the software.

Business outcome

For Snappy Gifts, partnering with Intellias has resulted in significant business growth owing to top quality platform development that our team delivers. We have increased the speed of recruiting, provided them with professional engineers, and implemented a series of improvements to the platform’s performance and security.

Intellias developers have come from mere coding and task completion to participating in strategic planning and discussions of the next steps in the HR software solutions development. We’re also assisting our client in improving their product processes and defining customer requirements.

Our cooperation with Snappy Gifts is in full swing, leading to the rapid expansion of their presence throughout the world. As more and more corporations are adopting employee engagement strategies, Snappy is quickly acquiring new customers. Just recently another 60 companies have joined the Snappy’s gift-giving program.

The solution we’re developing brings these advantages to customers:

  • Implement a staff rewards program to express appreciation to employees and make them feel valued in their careers
  • Use Snappy as effective HR software solutions tool to strengthen employee commitment and earn higher retention rates
  • Minimize the time spent on selecting and delivering gifts to a large group of people
  • Run automated gift-giving campaigns for holiday seasons and special occasions
  • Develop a staff engagement strategy that leads to stronger company culture, reduced workplace burnout, and higher employee satisfaction
  • Allow managers to see the instant feedback from their team, using the real-time ‘Thank You’ notes

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