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Intellias is one of the leading Tier 2 companies in the Eastern Europe with 15-year experience in software engineering. We provide telematics, autonomous, and LBS solutions to the Tier 1 companies from Germany, UK, Japan, and South Korea. All of our clients are secured with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 international certifications.


Platforms and technologies know-how

Our annual events

Intellias fuels automotive, navigation, and autonomous driving ecosystem by organizing an annual Map Solutions Conference. Starting from 2015, it attracts such big names as HERE, Volkswagen, Yandex, MapBox, and AirMap to share their tech-vision on future trends in autonomous driving, machine learning, and AI

The most remarkable highlights include the HERE's exhibition of its self-driving car, which uses OLP to navigate its route. Also this year the spotlight has been drawn to Volkswagen with its talk about ADAS contribution to the autonomous future and AirMap with its self-flying drones, which conquer the airspace of the US.


HERE and Volkswagen about Map Solutions 2017

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