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Fleet Data Management and Reporting System

We’re developing a smart fleet management solution that consolidates important data from vehicles in the field into one neat dashboard

Key features

  • Track vehicle positions in real time

    Track vehicle positions in real time

  • Provide remote vehicle diagnostics

    Provide remote vehicle diagnostics

  • Monitor vehicle routes and mileage

    Monitor vehicle routes and mileage

Logistics, Fleet Management
Florida, USA
Team size:
6 members
2018 – present

Google Cloud / Invision / Node.JS / React

About the client 

Our client is a US-based technology company that provides an advanced cloud-based fleet management platform. Their platform combines software, hardware, and third-party technologies to deliver better control, performance, cost efficiency, and safety for vehicle fleets. It’s equipped with real-time GPS tracking, detailed mapping, route and mileage monitoring, diagnostic alerts, and an all-in-one dashboard that visualizes data aggregated from fleet vehicles. Additionally, our client offers a number of standalone, highly customizable in-vehicle hardware and software solutions to prevent speeding, control acceleration, limit RPMs when shifting gears, and more. The company’s clientele ranges from individuals and businesses to government institutions and law enforcement. 

Fleet Data Management and Reporting System

Our client came with the challenge 

For years, our client has been successfully delivering comprehensive fleet solutions to the US market. Part of their system has relied heavily on third-party hardware and software, including pluggable telematics devices and several core software modules. Recently, our client decided to move away from relying on external vendors to overcome limited flexibility and upgradability. With their own custom solution, our client will be able to respond to the latest trends and customer requests. The third parties they’ve relied on have been slow to implement non-standard features and changes, posing a serious hurdle to our client’s growth and competitiveness on the dynamic smart fleet software market. Therefore, they decided to design and build their own hardware and software components. They chose Intellias as their main software development partner to build a fleet data management solution because of our rich technology and automotive expertise.  

Intellias is developing a smart fleet management solution 

We’ve signed a contract to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) during a six-month period. The MVP will be an interactive fleet telematics dashboard that will provide managers with consolidated insights into their fleets and workforces in the field. The dashboard will visualize real-time and historical data on the movements of large commercial fleets.  

We set up a team of six comprising a business analyst/product owner, a UX designer, two full-stack developers, a QA engineer, and a DevOps engineer for the fleet management platform development. Our team covers the entire product development life cycle, from product and UX design to quality management and deployment. Our project team follows the Lean Startup methodology, which provides great flexibility due to quick iterations and fast market feedback.  

Currently, we’re at the final stage of submitting the first project milestone to the client. Our team is collaborating with the client’s UI/UX designer. Once we deliver the basic layout and interaction model mockups, we’ll move on to full frontend development. 

We’re achieving great results together 

The release of the minimum viable dashboard is scheduled for a few months from now, and we’re making excellent progress. A positive outcome of the MVP phase has been defined as full-cycle development of a complex business intelligence backend solution. This solution needs to handle over 100,000 fleet vehicles and 3+ years of fleet history with a granularity of data points every thirty seconds. It will synchronize data with all fleet vehicles through Google Cloud and provide fleet managers with rich real-time mapping, telematics-intensive diagrams, and advanced reporting for drilldown analysis and efficient decision-making. 

Solutions that we’re helping to develop will let companies that own fleets: 

  • Decrease costs of operation and fuel consumption 
  • Reduce CO2 emissions to comply with environmental regulations 
  • Build vehicle maintenance plans upfront  
  • Prevent fraud by tracking actual routes and mileage 
  • Access real-time vehicle telematics through the CAN bus 
  • Monitor logbooks, work timesheets, and vehicle inventory 
  • Efficiently manage driver’s licenses 
  • Track vehicle insurance with due dates and restrictions 

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