Today, the battle for engineering talents on the local market could undermine your company’s long-term strategy. A slowdown in filling engineering vacancies minimizes your chances for customer satisfaction, competitiveness, value creation, and innovative culture.

The search for software engineers with an appropriate skill set for a wise cost is a hard task to perform. Eventually, it could steal months of your valuable time to market.

Hiring a Software Engineer on the Local Market

Unted Kingdom

3 months to hire

£37,469 annual cost


more open positions than applicants

64% of IT companies have unfilled positions


28% increase in number of open positions in 2 years

21,000 vacancies currently open

At the same time, the attempt to reach offshore development capacity in, for example, India, China or the Philippines, could entail a number of hidden pitfalls related to communication drawbacks, cultural contrasts, work ethic, time zone differences, and long-distance travel.

In this talent-thirsty environment, the necessity to extend your in-house team with experienced software engineers, while overcoming offshoring pitfalls, brings you closer to nearshore outsourcing.

Preferred Features Local Market Nearshore Offshore
Cost Efficiency No Yes Yes
Available Talents No Yes Yes
Quality Education Yes Yes No
Common Business Culture Yes Yes No
Same Time Zone Yes Yes No
Short-distance Travel Yes Yes No
Cultural Affinity Yes Yes No
Geomarket Experience Yes Yes No

Nearshore Advantages for European Tech Companies

  • Scalability

    European nearshore provider helps you scale up qualified skill sets within 2-3 weeks, while it could take months on your local market. Nearshore extension allows your in-house team to focus on strategic goals, while a next-door team will cover all development challenges.

  • Know-How

    With the experienced nearshore service provider, you get far more than just talents – you access provider's know-how. Competence centers can help you select required expertise to fill the gap with less units and even tell you which new position to open.

  • Alignment

    The same time zone results in higher project efficiency, seamless integration, and real-time collaboration. Based on quick response time and deep knowledge of local business ecosystems, nearshore outsourcing in Europe brings cooperation to the new level.

  • Proximity

    Nearshoring in Europe removes all geo-barriers with direct flights for greater team affinity and stronger relationships. Trivial distance, time, and expenses simplify arranging face-to-face meetings and onsite workshops with your new team.

  • Security

    European countries have strict legal regulations for data protection. Delegating custom software development to the nearby locations, you secure sensitive data with the best intellectual property practices and proven security certifications like ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Nearshore outsourcing offers a fair cost arbitrage in the established European IT hubs. Nearshore operations reduce the total cost of engagement and lower indirect costs with additional benefits of close alignment between the next-door and in-house teams

Nearshore outsourcing with Intellias

Intellias is a nearshore software engineering provider with 15 years of development experience in the DACH, Benelux and UK regions. It provides you access to 70,000 engineers in Ukraine, leveraging a full-fledged presence on the most beneficial hiring markets and biggest IT hubs of the Central East Europe.

Intellias keeps delivery focus on Europe with 80% of services being provided to customers across nearby destinations. As the best IT employer with a prominent position on the local hiring market, Intellias applies the most efficient ramp-up and scaling practices. By nearshoring with Intellias, you start development the same way you expect it to be with your own software engineering team – fast, hassle-free, and with the highest productivity.