Intellias Celebrates 15th Anniversary

For 15 years already, Intellias has been fostering an atmosphere of curiosity, exploration, and creativity

September 02, 2017

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On September 2, 2017, Intellias, one of the fastest-growing software engineering companies in Ukraine, celebrated its fifteenth anniversary in Lviv. Owned and guided by co-founders Vitaliy Sedler and Michael Puzrakov from day one, Intellias has skyrocketed from a single-room office to a company with double-digit growth and three engineering sites (Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa) plus a delivery office in Berlin.

The last two years have been full of accomplishments thanks to our enthusiastic people who help technology innovators change the world for the better. Intellias was nominated for Project of the Year by the UK GSA Awards, highlighted among the Top 25 outsourcing performers by Clutch, and listed in Inc. 5000 Europe.

Intellias Burning Fest

To celebrate our fifteenth anniversary, we threw an Intellias Burning Fest party based on the concept of Burning Man festival. The diversity, creativity, and freedom of self-expression that are essential to Burning Man are all things that Intellias has been cultivating within the company year after year.

Intellias Celebrates 15th Anniversary

During Intellias Burning Fest, all participants felt the spirit of the Nevada Black Rock Desert, where the festival that inspired us takes place. As a vibrant city created by its citizens, the festival is in some ways similar to the life of our Intellias community, where people create a unique atmosphere for themselves and our clients by their participation and engagement in every process that takes place within the company.

At the culmination of Intellias Burning Fest, Vitaliy and Michael set fire to a five-meter tall figure of Burning Man, made exclusively for our fifteenth anniversary celebration. After the celebration in Lviv, Intellias Burning Fest went on tour to Kyiv.

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