Intellias Expert to Speak at IoT Slam Live 2019 Conference in North Carolina, USA

Ihor Starepravo, VP Delivery at Intellias, will speak at the IoT Slam Live 2019

June 14, 2019

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For two days — June 20 and 21, 2019 — North Carolina, USA will be hosting the IoT Slam Live 2019 conference, the third in the series of unique IoT Slam® events. Ihor Starepravo, VP Delivery at Intellias, will represent the company at the event and present a talk titled “Platforms for “Everything”: How NOT to Get Lost With Your Next IoT Project.”

Intellias Expert to Speak at IoT Slam Live 2019 Conference in North Carolina, USA

Ihor Starepravo is a highly motivated leader in the software engineering space with hands-on experience in building multinational, global delivery organizations for large enterprise clients and strong awareness of technologies and global IT trends. He brings advanced tech solutions and IoT innovations to businesses of all sizes, including both startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Starepravo is a regular speaker at Autonomous Driving and Future Mobility 2019, IT Arena, Data Science UA Conference, AI Ukraine. This year, he will join the IoT Slam Live conference to disclose the latest innovations in the rapidly changing ecosystem of the Internet of Things.

IoT Slam approaches the most compelling topics in IoT, featuring highly sought after speakers, delivering best practice strategies all under one event.Join us and see world class keynote speakers, engaging panel topics and panellists, on-topic user centred content, interactive workshops and meaningful tutorials that provide insight, results, and key takeaways that can be leveraged right away. 

David Hill, Executive Director of IoT Community

The event itself will deliver exclusive, forefront IoT content, covering trendy topics and business models, including IIoT, cloud, edge computing, big data, analytics, smart cities, building, and the application of IoT across many more vertical industries.

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