Intellias Hits Top 25 on Clutch

Clutch has rated Intellias a Top 25 Outsourcing Firm for delivering outstanding development services

August 10, 2017

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On August 10, 2017, Clutch ranked Intellias, a leading nearshore software engineering provider for the DACH and Benelux countries as well as the UK, as one of the Top 25 Outsourcing Companies worldwide. Clutch, a client feedback platform, encourages international tech companies to step beyond their local talent markets in search of reliable engineering partners. Clutch has published 250 reviews that offer valuable insights into IT outsourcing providers far and wide across the industry.

Outsourcing has historically been a risky business, or at least that’s been the prevailing mentality for a lot of buyers. The important thing to remember is that reliable outsourcing partners do exist, but they can be challenging to find. This report aims to address that.

Joshua Margolin, Principal Analyst at Clutch

How Clutch chooses top companies

Intellias Hits Top 25 on Clutch

The ranking methodology is based on two key benchmarks:

  • A company’s areas of focus in terms of technologies and domains, as proven by reference projects
  • A company’s ability to deliver on client expectations as evidenced by the willingness of clients to refer others to the company

The value of Clutch for potential outsourcing buyers

Clutch provides unbiased third-party evaluations of IT outsourcing service providers to mitigate the risks of outsourcing and liberate potential clients from the fear of stepping too far from in-house development practices. Thanks to clear and comprehensive reviews, companies that require engineering capacity or specific expertise can find the most relevant vendor with the skillset they need and have a reasonable assurance that the collaboration will go as expected. Intellias values the feedback of every client and makes every effort to align deliverables with our clients’ expectations. Here’s what Clutch says about us:

Intellias is the only instance where we used an outsourced development company that sits between us and the developers. It was a departure from our normal practice. The reason for doing it was because of the size of the project

Ebbe Groes, CEO at EveryMatrix

Another recognition: Intellias is a top-growing IT company in Ukraine

Lately, Clutch hasn’t been the only one to recognize Intellias. We’ve also been ranked the fastest-growing company among the Top 50 Ukrainian IT Employers recognized by DOU, the biggest online Ukrainian software developer community. Since last year, Intellias has grown by over 25% and has climbed four rungs on DOU’s overall rankings. And with 750 people on board, Intellias confirms its reputation for being “big enough to scale, small enough to care” – a company that takes an individual approach with both employees and clients.

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