Intellias Holds Top 10 Position on DOU List of Largest Ukrainian IT Companies

For the second time in a row, Intellias was one of the 10 biggest IT companies in Ukraine according to the DOU ranking

March 04, 2020

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On February 10, 2020,, Ukraine’s leading community of software professionals, released its biannual report on the top IT companies in Ukraine and named Intellias among the IT leaders nationwide. This is our second time being included on DOU’s top 10 list after Intellias first hit the upper rankings in July 2019. is the largest online portal for software developers in Ukraine. It has a community of over 280,000 users and counting. The website is a go-to-place for anyone involved in the Ukrainian IT industry and is known as an authority in deep field research and analysis, objective surveys, and unbiased ratings.

DOU’s biannual report for Ukraine’s top IT companies is based on a set of key benchmarks, including the total number of specialists, employee growth rate, and number of technical specialists. Intellias’ consistent growth on each of these indicators stems from our expanding client portfolio as well as our deepening cooperation with existing partners. Intellias continues to win new contracts with the world’s leading players in a variety of industries, bringing exciting high-tech projects on board. During the past six months, Intellias hit the 1600-employee mark, providing further evidence that the company keeps growing fast.

We are proud to be once again acknowledged by DOU as one of the largest and most influential Ukrainian IT companies and to be ranked among the IT leaders in our country.

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