Intellias is Co-organizing IT Arena 2019 in Lviv, Ukraine

Intellias joins the organization of the biggest IT conference in Europe — IT Arena 2019

September 05, 2019

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On September 27-29, for the second year in a row, Intellias will co-organize IT Arena 2019 in Lviv. As one of the fastest-growing software engineering companies in Ukraine, Intellias is actively driving the local IT community. Co-organization of the biggest technology event in Eastern Europe is one of the crucial steps towards bringing the IT industry to a higher level.  

This will be the sixth time that IT Arena takes place in Lviv. Previously, Intellias used to be the event’s exclusive technology partner, but in 2018, the company decided to take part in the conference organization directly. This year, Intellias is prolonging this initiative and joins the reputable team of IT Arena organizers headed by Lviv IT Cluster. 

Being a co-organizer of IT Arena gives a great chance to invite speakers and share our vision of information technology development through them. The unique opportunity to share knowledge and experience in our key domains such as automotive, FinTech, or LBS is one of the reasons why we have joined such a big and important event.

Vitaly Sedler, CEO at Intellias

On the last weekend of September, IT Arena 2019 expects to gather more than 4000 attendees and around 100 outstanding speakers on the city’s biggest venue, Lviv Arena. On its third day, the event extends to the historic city center, engaging tech enthusiasts to visit at least one of forty meetups that will take place in the heart of Lviv.

Conference participants will be able to visit three main tracks, Business, Product, and Technology, and the fourth one — a Startup Track, freshly introduced at IT Arena 2018. This year, they will be full of most inspiring ideas and boldest tech trends, shared by industry leaders and innovators. 

As a trusted knowledge-sharing and networking platform, IT Arena proves Ukraine’s leading position on the European IT map. People visiting the event see Ukraine as a country of continuous tech progress and as an influential IT hub in the heart of Europe. 

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