Intellias is Excited to Join World’s Largest IoT Community

Intellias joins the world’s largest and elite IoT Community based in UK to accelerate the evolution of the Internet of Things globally

June 14, 2019

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In June 2019, Intellias joined the IoT Community, world’s largest and longest standing, independent association. The community represents the best interest for the advancement and uptake of the Internet of Things. Intellias is now a Silver Corporate Member of the IoT Community, and will help the organization build a robust Internet of Things ecosystem.

Intellias is Excited to Join World’s Largest IoT Community

Intellias is proud to become one of top-level IoT practitioners within the IoT community that develop, deploy, and operate IoT devices, networks, and applications globally. The community’s mission is to search for effective and innovative ways to adopt and realize best IoT practices in commercial environments, contributing to vertical applications such as connected cars, transportation intelligence, smart homes, smart cities, and consumer electronics.

We aim to be the place to be or place to come for IoT information and insights on implementation & operation of IoT systems and applications. We also aim to accelerate the adoption and  implementation of IoT systems and applications easier, wide-spread and secure.

David Hill, Executive Director of IoT Community

Intellias now plans to engage in vibrant community discussions, share information and experience on events powered by the IoT community, including IoT Slam conferences, and work collaboratively with the best industry minds to find effective solutions that will benefit the entire IoT landscape and application segments.

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