Intellias Launches a New Office in Kharkiv

Intellias is proud to announce the official opening of a new delivery center in Ukraine’s second-biggest city

October 01, 2018

2 mins read

On October 2018, Intellias added a new branch office in Kharkiv. Following Kyiv and Odesa, the company continuous strengthening its corporate presence in the region and expands the geography to Ukraine’s largest technological hubs. With Kharkiv on company’s map of office locations, Intellias boosts its delivery capacity and answers strong demand for company growth. As Kharkiv is country’s second largest city and the former capital of Ukraine, its well-developed infrastructure will provide a compelling background for innovation and growth. This strategic expansion positions Intellias as a leading software development services provider and strengthens company’s further business progress capabilities in Ukraine.

The office in Kharkiv became Intellias’s natural choice because the city is known as the second-biggest technological center in Ukraine, fueling around 17% of country’s IT ecosystem. With over 25,000 professionals employed in IT and the ever-growing number of R&D centers, the new facility location gives Intellias access to a huge pool of the most exceptional software development talents in the region. Kharkiv is also known as a hub of educational excellence, nurturing leading minds in 43 local universities and institutes and preparing around 15,000 qualified IT specialists annually.

Kharkiv is located in close proximity to major European destinations with regular transport connections that make it possible for Intellias’ clients to visit the company’s new development center anytime if necessary. The new service point also empowers more rapid staffing and provides clients with flexibility in assigning talents at different locations.

The Financial Times fDi rated Kharkiv, with its cost affordability for running the business and top-notch industry experts, as the most business and cost-effective investment option in Europe. According to The Financial Times, Kharkiv is also the best large European city of the future.

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