Intellias Organizes Map Solutions Conference 2017

Intellias continues to fuel the Ukrainian map development community with the 3rd annual Map Solutions conference

May 12, 2017

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On June 3, 2017, Intellias continues fueling the Ukrainian map development community by hosting the third annual Map Solutions Conference in Lviv. This conference will bring together more than 200 experienced professionals to share best practices and discuss what’s trending in routing, traffic services, 3D rendering, and in-house navigation.

The Map Solutions Conference adheres to the canons of “conference-as-an-experience” providing participants not only with tech talks but also with a remarkable atmosphere and a discussion-friendly environment.

Last-year experience

Intellias Organizes Map Solutions Conference 2017

Last year, the Map Solutions Conference took place in Kyiv, attracting tech and business experts from HERE, Yandex, CartoDB, OsmAnd, Mapbox, MAPS.ME, FamilyInSafe, Qrok, and GisFile. These experts delivered presentations that helped push forward the vibrant map development community in Ukraine.

The 2016 conference drew a diverse cohort of more than 150 experts from Ukraine, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and Russia. Much attention was paid at the conference to the HERE mapping system, with its innovative approach to collecting HD maps from car sensor systems to redefine the future of real-time mapping with autonomous cars.

Watch the highlights of Map Solutions Conference 2016.

What to expect this year

Intellias Organizes Map Solutions Conference 2017

The 2017 conference will feature a wide range of topics covering various domains, platforms, and approaches. Presenters will include industry leaders who are bringing mapping innovations to our daily driving. Speakers will talk about routing, navigation, traffic and public transit services, 3D rendering, geocoding, and more.

Andrey Golovin, an OpenStreetMap expert at Mapbox, will give a presentation called Mapbox – building blocks for location integration into your mobile or online application. Among others, Ilya Zverev from MAPS.ME, and Brandon Brown with Luke Elmer from AirMap will share their experiences in mapping and navigation and talk about tools to apply mapping solutions to everyday life.

The Map Solutions Conference will also be returning to its initial location this year – Lviv, which is famous for its thriving IT community and award-winning tech startups as well as for being the top tourist destination in Ukraine. Set your navigator to 49.83715, 24.01671 and get prepared for what the navigated future has to offer.

You can follow updates on this year’s conference on the Map Solutions 2017 social page and buy tickets right here.


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