Intellias Organizes Navimotive Conference 2018

Intellias to hold its fourth conference for navigation and automotive professionals

August 15, 2018

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On September 15, 2018, Intellias will hold its annual conference for navigation and automotive professionals. This is the only conference of its kind in Eastern Europe. Last year’s event was organized in Lviv, home to Intellias headquarters. This year, Navimotive will take place in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, to increase accessibility. Each previous Navimotive conference has seen more than 300 attendees, and this number intends to grow with new speakers and their fascinating topics.

Four years in a row, Navimotive has attracted speakers from globally recognized companies including Volkswagen, HERE, Yandex, AirMap,, and many more. In 2018, the list of attendees will also include speakers from Udacity, a self-driving car solution provider, and GreenMobility, a car sharing electric vehicle service provider. These companies will join the list of automotive influencers who are ready to shape the Ukrainian automotive community and the future of the industry.

I was really glad to be invited here to have a possibility to speak about advanced driver assistance systems and about innovations in Volkswagen. The conference gives a really good overview about the importance of software and digital maps, and it’s really well organized.

Thomas Weidner, Solution Architect at Volkswagen

The Navimotive conference unites people from the constantly growing Ukrainian automotive software development community to share knowledge about LBS, navigation, mapping, and autonomous driving. Speakers find an enthusiastic audience ready to take part in the autonomous revolution that has captured the automotive world. The conference is the perfect place for open communication and networking with like-minded people.

I find it lovely and interesting, and the people seem to be far more technical than at most of the conferences. It makes me actually much happier as I much prefer to talk with technical people. That’s interesting. I’ll come back definitely.

Peter Caron, Director of Service Delivery and Integration at HERE

The previous conference featured such topics as the future of ADAS, map integration in AWS, regulated drone flights, and open source mapping. In 2018, participants will share knowledge of connectivity features in future cars, car sharing services, self-driving technology, computer vision algorithms, and indoor navigation.


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