Intellias Partners with AVentures to Release Report on Software Development Sector

AVentures Capital, in partnership with Intellias, has issued a detailed report on software development markets

February 13, 2019

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On February 13, AVentures Capital released a comprehensive overview of the software development industry in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Romania. This detailed report contains the latest industry insights based on data from hundreds of software development companies.

AVentures research includes an accurate analysis of targeted countries and software development companies. Moreover, it offers a list of all these companies along with their contact information and specific focus areas. The report aims at helping businesses find the right outsourcing partner, improve their operations and efficiency, and ensure business stability and progress.

As the IT services industry becomes the second largest export service industry in Ukraine, accounting for nearly 20% of the country’s service exports, more and more companies are entering this highly competitive market.

Vitaly Sedler, CEO of Intellias

Enterprises are actively approaching new outsourcing markets in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Romania. The detailed survey by AVentures and Intellias allows them to better understand the software development ecosystem in these countries. Intellias experts provided data on strategies and approaches that software engineering companies in Ukraine use to differentiate themselves on the market.

Most successful software engineering companies in the world build core competence based on the experience accumulated with their key accounts. Then they seek market winners and try to penetrate their target market with a set of competencies they already have.

Ihor Starepravo, Head of Automotive Delivery at Intellias


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