Intellias Rated as the Best IT Employer 2017

Intellias strikes 95 out of 100 in the ranking of the Best IT Employers in Ukraine

December 04, 2017

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On December 4, 2017,, the biggest local community of IT professionals in Ukraine, rated Intellias the Best IT Employer among 1,110 IT companies on the market., which brings together 15,080 IT specialists, bases its annual employer ranking on votes by employees. Intellias has outpaced competition in the 800-employee and up category (the company reached the 800 mark in November 2017).

Rapid yet sustainable growth

Intellias is one of the most rapidly growing software engineering companies in Ukraine. And this growth has been accompanied by consistently high rates of employee satisfaction. The most important and telling result of the rankings for Intellias is reaching the top position for each of the following evaluation criteria:

Intellias Rated as the Best IT Employer 2017

  • Professional growth
  • Work environment
  • Management
  • Financial rewards and compensation
  • Communication
  • Workplace appreciation

Focus on employee experience

Intellias’ leading position in the Best IT Employers in Ukraine ranking is a natural consequence of the company’s everyday focus on continuously improving the experience of its employees. Intellias encourages professional growth by organizing a variety of workshops, meetups, conferences, knowledge sharing sessions, tech and business talks. Intellias also makes every effort to keep employees motivated through comprehensive social packages, regular reviews, a creative workspace, open communication, and effective feedback. These efforts have been rewarded, and Intellias is proud of the commitment of its employees, who keep the company growing at a steady pace.


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