Intellias Reaches 1000-Employee Mark

Intellias is welcoming its 1000th employee and celebrating a significant mark of tremendous growth

June 04, 2018

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On June 4, 2018, Intellias welcomed its 1000th employee. The company is proud to reach such a high bar and sees this number as a new starting point to reaching 2000 people onboard and landing in the top 10 Ukrainian IT companies by headcount. As of today, Intellias has three development centers in Lviv, Kyiv, and Odessa as well as a representative office in Berlin. The 1000th employee is joining our Kyiv team.

We are glad that our company manages to maintain extraordinary growth yet remain a big and friendly team. Traditionally, Intellias celebrates milestone employee numbers. So in June, a thematic celebration welcoming our 1000th colleague will take place in our offices.

Vitaly Sedler, CEO at Intellias

Increased velocity and new Centers of Excellence

To keep pace with a growing need for talent on clients’ projects, our recruiters have recently increased hiring velocity and have been closing nearly 100 job openings per month. Intellias also aims to maximize retention with a targeted turnover rate of just 10%, which is below the industry average.

Intellias continues to grow at an accelerated pace while keeping this growth sustainable and achieving outstanding employee satisfaction. In line with this strategy, the company promotes professional development by establishing Centers of Excellence to grow both technical expertise and niche knowledge across industries. These newly established Centers of Excellence will:

  • Accumulate industry-specific expertise to help us provide services efficiently, solve non-trivial tasks, and shorten time-to-market
  • Allow us to provide both internal and external consulting services, applying a discovery phase to provide additional value for our clients
  • Strengthen our talent acquisition by finding top talent for our current and potential clients with targeted hiring initiatives
  • Boost professional development by cultivating and scaling expertise in key areas through supporting the community with professional development services
  • Support the wider community with events, meetups, and tech talks

Intellias has grown by 450% from 2014 to 2018 in terms of production capacity and has built strong expertise in the automotive, LBS, FinTech, energy management, and eLearning industries. For now, Intellias is the fastest-growing top 50 IT company in Ukraine, with a 49% compound annual growth rate. Combining hiring efforts with the development of internal processes helps Intellias keep this tempo and propels us toward our next milestones.


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