Intellias Releases Its RetailTech Whitepaper

Intellias shows retailers how to beat competition and win tech-savvy consumers

December 19, 2019

1 min read

In November 2019, Intellias, a trusted IT partner to global Fortune 500 retailers releases its a new executive whitepaper titled “Evolving RetailTech: Winning Competition in the Digital Era.

Chatbots, audio-visual search, virtual assistants, and recommendation engines are among the tools in the arsenal of Fortune 500 enterprises and leading e-commerce actors to become a game-changer by 2025. Giants like Amazon and Walmart are steering brick-and-mortar retailers to pave the new digital road to hearts and minds of the consumers while replacing manual labor in the stores or eliminating waste of time waiting at the checkout for the visitors.

Data Science also seems to be the perfect match for the fashion and beauty industries, thanks to delivering actionable insights gained via the online customer experience of the thoroughly segmented audience.

On the flip side, companies are risking to appear digitally nude due to increased data breaches and helplessly drawn in the sea of the collected but uninterpreted data.

Intellias report investigates how new technologies (AI, big data, and ML) enable enterprises to strive for benefiting the upcoming wind of change. The RetailTech whitepaper embraces different ways both global and small retail businesses may use the technology to get on top of the competition.

Download the whitepaper to get more insights on how to adapt to the evolving era of RetailTech.

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