Intellias Releases “New Age in Banking” Whitepaper

Intellias shows how banks can unlock the power of digital banking and cater to digital-savvy consumers

September 10, 2019

2 mins read

In August 2019, Intellias, a trusted IT partner to Fortune 500 companies and FinTech startups, has released a new executive whitepaper titled “New Age in Banking: Era of Tech Change.

This whitepaper features:

  • An in-depth analysis and comprehensive, extended review of the banking habits of two demographic groups that will hold the largest share of disposable income by 2029 — Millennials and Gen Z
  • The unbanked: a ten-figure revenue opportunity explained. A new revenue channel that banks underestimate — the unbanked population in the US, UK, and EU markets
  • Three core business models for digital banks to be able to cater to digital-savvy consumers technologically
  • Action plans on digital banking product development for financial players to follow at different growth stages with valuable tips and insights from our IT team

In this whitepaper, Intellias explains why the banking sector is in peril. As Millennial and Gen Z consumers will control the largest share of disposable income by 2029, banks have to be prepared to cater to them technologically. With these demographic groups coming to the fore, Intellias presents buyer personal in detail for banks to understand better what to focus on satisfying their needs.

Nearly 75% of millennials feel more excited about new financial products from tech companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, PayPal, and Square than from their nationwide bank. Millennial customers don’t think about your banking products. They’re first thinking about their needs.

One more in-depth research relates to unbanked consumers in key banking markets. It showcases a billion-dollar opportunity for financial institutions that will focus on the needs of the unbanked.

Intellias is excited to offer technical solutions and a complete roadmap of the product development for banks to succeed in delivering up-to-date services.

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