Case study

Intelligent IoT Suite for Exoskeletons

We’re developing a full-stack, on-premise IoT platform for the robotics industry

Key features

  • Manage and maintain a device fleet

    Manage and maintain a device fleet

  • Handle and analyze data

    Handle and analyze data

  • Predict and prevent issues

    Predict and prevent issues

Robotics, Fleet Management, Logistics
Berlin, Germany
Team size:
12 members
2018 – ongoing

Azure AD / C++ / Docker / Golang / GraphQL / GRPC / InfluxDB / Jenkins / Kubernetes / OpenAPI / PostgreSQL / RabbitMQ

Business challenge of Relabs

Our client, Relabs, is a Berlin based IT consulting and development firm offering the whole scope of consultancy and software production services, including engineering solutions, business management, organization growth, and corporate transformation. Having established a cooperation agreement with their end client, Relabs lacked engineering capacity and software development expertise and turned to Intellias for expert help. And here’s the case we helped the company to solve.

The rise of automation and robotics has made industrial environment a safer and healthier place to work in, yet around 540 million people worldwide suffer from low back pain caused by physical strain from lifting and carrying loads at work. Not all kinds of human work can be replaced by full automation and robotics systems. This is where exoskeletons come into play in any industry in motion, be it industrial production, logistics, or construction. Combining human intelligence and machine power, active exoskeletons support and strengthen the wearer’s movements and reduce the risk of workplace accidents and occupational disability.

Relabs established a partnership agreement with a German exoskeleton manufacturer to build a full-stack, on-premise IoT platform that would manage and maintain the fleet of high-tech exoskeletons. Being a purely hardware company with no software development expertise, the end client needed assistance in implementing an end-to-end suite of applications and services, from endpoints to data analytics. To maximize their engineering potential and ensure a timely rollout, Relabs set out to look for an expert software provider.

​Prior to this project, one of Relabs co-founders had already cooperated with us on several high-profile projects, so they immediately decided on Intellias as their engineering partner. We came up with a strategic framework for collaboration on all design, implementation and post-production processes. Our specialists have reinforced Relabs team to accelerate the development of the custom IoT solution for the end-client business.
Intelligent IoT Suite for Exoskeletons

Solution delivered

We have augmented our client’s team with 8 mature engineers, including three backend developers, a frontend developer, a QA, a DevOps, a UI/UX designer and a PM. Working alongside our client, Intellias has taken the responsibility for creating a specific vision and requirements for the product, and the goal is to take it from pilot to maturity. It’s an HW/SW platform designed to suit highly demanding needs of the modern industrial IoT:

  • Handle huge amounts of device sensor data and analyze it
  • Be flexible and extensible to the point that no other off-the-shelf software can reach
  • Run the client on modern embedded Linux OSs and easily connect to other MCUs if needed

The IoT platform is a vertical, from-the-bottom-up solution – from connection to device, and all the way up to frontend visualization and data analytics. It can either be deployed on-premise or hosted in the cloud, supporting various infrastructures, including AWS, Azure, and Google cloud, without any cloud service provider lock-in.

The product offers solutions to the whole stack of end user needs:

  • Device connection and supplementary embedded connectivity systems
  • Data collection, transfer, conversion, and storage
  • Firmware updates
  • IoT protocols
  • Authorization
  • Fleet management
  • Device diagnostics and maintenance
  • Data monitoring and visualization
  • Data science and predictive analytics

Business outcome

​Together with Relabs delivery team, we have gone from very little code to highly performant prototypes and are now heading into the production stage scheduled for June. The end user has recently held a successful expo of their exoskeletons to showcase the implementation progress of their custom IoT solution.

Aimed at small businesses, Relabs platform catches the eye of startups looking for highly customizable and less costly solutions in contrast to standard out-of-the-box software that covers only up to 80% of functionality. The application holds growing potential to such industries as logistics, industrial production, construction, enterprise IoT, retail, and many others.

The solution we’re developing brings these advantages to our client:

  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Predictive and preventative maintenance to resolve issues before they occur
  • KPIs monitoring and reporting
  • Set-up and adjustment on an individually configurable dashboard
  • Advanced KPIs and metrics, sophisticated customization possibilities
  • User profile recognition and settings recommendation
  • Human-assisted teaching, powered by machine learning and AI
  • Seamless integration with ERP software environments
  • Creation and customization of user profiles across entire exoskeleton fleet

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