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Intellias in Krakow

The second biggest city in Poland and one of the country’s oldest, with an exceptional cultural heritage, Krakow has traditionally been the Polish academic and economic hub. As Krakow has gained attention and attracted investment from international companies, businesses have adopted best practices from firms operating in the DACH, UK, and US markets. Since Intellias delivers to companies in these regions, opening an office in Krakow was a strategic decision. This office, with dedicated teams, will help Intellias deliver projects on-site and meet our clients’ needs and policies.


Ul. Smolki,5/203a , 30-513 Krakow, Poland

Krakow office
  • Convenient connections

    • Direct flights worldwide
    • Convenient time zone
    • Close to major European cities
    • Local presence in the EU
  • Intelligent people

    • Poland’s academic center
    • 170,000 university students
    • Influx of trained specialists
  • Innovative landscape

    • Thriving startup ecosystem
    • Lots of businesses
    • International investment
The office in Krakow, Poland, will allow Intellias to deliver services from inside the European Union to new and existing clients. Poland has been a clear target for Intellias because of its market maturity, geographic proximity, and similar mindset, and Krakow became a natural choice as a well-developed IT hub in Central and Eastern Europe with an ample variety of skills available on the market.
Vitaly Sedler, CEO of Intellias

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