Ukraine’s largest IT hub and startup ecosystem

Intellias in Kyiv

In September 2015, Intellias opened a development center in Kyiv. It grew rapidly, and we hired the first 100 employees in just nine months. Now we employ over 220 in-house engineers at this location. Kyiv is a natural fit for Intellias’ second-most important delivery center due to the city’s abundant tech talent, which allows us to quickly scale engineering operations for our clients. The country’s capital, Kyiv is also the top destination for people who move from other regions, enabling us to draw talent Ukraine-wide. This also makes Kyiv a strategic location for organizing tech events outside of Intellias’ home office in Lviv to attract a wider audience.


Kyrylivska Street 15 and 39, 04080,

Nyzhnii Val 17, 04071 Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Convenient connections

    • 2 international airports
    • Direct flights across Europe
    • Connections to global destinations
    • One-hour time difference with most of the EU
  • Intelligent people

    • 2.8 million people
    • Largest students share in the country
    • 68 top universities
    • 52 international R&D centers
  • Engineering culture

    • 41% of Ukraine’s IT talent
    • 26,000 engineers
    • 16,000 tech graduates annually
    • Among top 50 emerging outsourcing cities
The history of international interest in Ukraine, and particular in Kyiv, by big-name companies dates back to 1892, when Siemens equipped Ukraine with an electric plant to launch the second in Europe and the first in Ukraine tram line in Kyiv.

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