Intellias Organized Map Solutions Conference 2016

Intellias held its 2nd annual Map Solutions conference on navigation and location-based technologies in Kyiv

June 10, 2016

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On June 4, 2016, Intellias held its second annual Map Solutions Conference on navigation and location-based technologies in Kyiv. The conference brought together distinguished industry experts from HERE, Yandex, CartoDB, OsmAnd, Mapbox,, FamilyInSafe, Qrok, and GisFile. This event attracted more than 150 participants from Ukraine, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and Russia, all of whom were eager to share best practices in the GIS and automotive industries as well as to discuss trending topics in routing.

Intellias Organized Map Solutions Conference 2016

In 2015, Intellias held the first Map Solutions Conference in Lviv. Ever since, the company has been working toward building a community of map developers in Ukraine and creating a platform where they can share their experiences, connect, and learn from renowned industry experts. By bringing together different domains, platforms, approaches, industry players, and research institutions, Intellias has been able to put together a conference that offers an engaging list of topics and an unparalleled experience for visitors.

The 2016 conference, designed as a “Conference-as-an-Experience,” featured extensive opportunities for networking and offered a purely technical focus with the goal of being provider-agnostic. The unbeatable attraction of the conference was the HERE mapping car, which collects HD map data to pave the way for the future of self-driving cars.

One of the event’s highlights was an in-depth discussion on OpenStreetMap (OSM). Mapbox expert Andrey Golovin shared his experiences with OSM data improvements for navigation. Ilya Zverev from presented a talk on processing and storing OSM data for faster extraction and rendering, and finally Viktor Scherb concluded the discussion by talking about the implications of OSM for open-source smartphone applications. The Map Solutions Conference received very favorable feedback from the Ukrainian geospatial community, which wrote the following on the 50 North Geospatial Blog.

The commitment of the audience was remarkable: participants responded to reports with numerous and diverse questions. As we know, an attentive audience is a sign of high-quality content. Our team of 50 North Spatial bloggers enjoyed the conference a great deal! It is such a pleasure to spend a weekend in an environment full of map development geeks. We are hoping for more events like Map Solutions to happen in the future.

The conference was also highlighted in a post by the Mail.Ru Group, published on the Habrahabr collaborative blog.

The Map Solutions Conference is an important event, not only because of its uniting potential for people with a common interest in geospatial technologies but also as a way of attracting new people into the field of digital mapping and growing the neogeospatial industry.

Intellias Organized Map Solutions Conference 2016


The success of the two conferences held so far has given Intellias the ambition to transform it into an annual event. In 2017, the company plans to launch a conference of even greater scale, intending it to be a top attraction for all professionals and enthusiasts of digital mapping.



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