Intellias Opens a New Delivery Center in Odesa

With a new office in Odesa, Intellias plans to grow its presence in the major IT hubs

July 13, 2016

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It’s been only a short time since Intellias’ Kyiv office moved into its new facilities in the city center (mid-May 2016). Only a few months later, however, a new corporate location has again been added. The incredible pool of IT talent in Odesa, the city’s well-developed IT infrastructure, and its strong reputation as a place for vigorous innovation and entrepreneurship prompted Intellias to open a new development location there.

Intellias Opens a New Delivery Center in Odesa

Expansion to Odesa and future plans to add Kharkov and Dnipro to the company’s list of development locations provide Intellias with a sufficient talent base to accommodate its ambitious growth plans and enhance the development of its competence centers. This new location will also offer Intellias’ clients unprecedented flexibility to allocate talent at preferred locations and enable quick staffing even for special or rare candidate profiles.

Odesa, with its annual 8,000 engineering graduates and 10,000 IT graduates, is among Ukraine’s top five IT hubs. The Black Sea port city is a key IT outsourcing center and a magnet for IT specialists from Southern Ukraine. Notably, half of all IT companies in Odesa are product companies – one of the highest ratios in Ukraine. The city is also home to internationally renowned startups and 23 R&D offices of multinational companies.

The educational institutions in the city, like the Odesa National Polytechnic University and the Odesa National Academy of Telecommunications, are very well known and recognized internationally, which is proved by a significant number of Odesa technical graduates working in high-tech companies all over the world. Odesa is also known as a sunny Black Sea resort and a major port, which is to a great extent reflected in the traits of its people – open, optimistic, curious, and cheerful, which is very much in line with the personality of Intellias as a company.

Dov Nimratz, Project Manager at Intellias

Odesa has both excellent connections by air to European and North American cities and a very convenient connection to Intellias’ headquarters in Lviv and the company’s development center in Kyiv, enabling smooth business trips and efficient customer visits.

The historical bond between Lviv, Kyiv, and Odesa has been brought to a new level and this connection is now successfully leveraged in the network of Intellias locations.

Vitaly Sedler, CEO and co-founder of Intellias

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