Empower your large-scale outsourcing with Governance Framework, process alignment and extensive on-site presence.


Delivery Partner is an offering which is built on top of Project Outsourcing service to cater for the extended needs of the companies that would like to outsource complete software development streams, regular or long lasting contracts with their clients

Governance Framework

Intellias supplies its partners with an in-house developed and already proven management know how that covers all the aspects of cooperation governance. Stakeholders, Processes, Communications and Artifacts are the cornerstones of this framework, enabling full transparency of delivery and planning.

Key processes

  • Outsourcing activities planning, execution and integration
  • SoW execution workflow
  • Quality management
  • Risk management
  • Expertise management
  • Regular performance (given predefined KPIs – Schedule & Budget Compliance, Teams Velocity, Quality Level etc.) and operations reviews

Process Alignment 

Depending on the cooperation requirements and already established approaches in your organization, we aim to align our practices in the following areas:

  • Program/Project Management
  • Release Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Engineering
  • DevOps Tools and Infrastructure
  • HR Contracts Administration

Executive Supervision

Intellias C-level people are involved in steering committees in order to improve the cooperation model, elaborate or support the strategy as well as facilitate in planning and reaching the defined objectives. It ensures continuity of value-added service that reveals new opportunities for your organization.

Onsite Presence

For even closer integration, Intellias relocates its functional analysts, project managers and software engineers to your office. On-site presence grants an instant access to key stakeholders, eliminates communication gaps and speeds up decision making.

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