Focus on your core business activities, while we undertake delivery responsibility and take control over software development process


With this delivery model, Intellias holds responsibility for development risks, allowing you to take advantage of a result-centric model and benefit from reduced management overheads.Typically, your organization is only involved in defining and agreeing on requirements as well as providing feedback to the development team based on deliverables you supply. By using means of Agile reinforcement and our in-house engineering know-how, we build a framework, which enables us to assure on time and within budget delivery, while meeting your project objectives.


Project Outsourcing is divided into the three main phases:

Initiation & Planning
  • Client & objectives and constraints analysis
  • Proposal
  • Pilot project (optional)
  • Stakeholders definition
  • Scope, schedule & costs
  • Project plan
  • Team setup
  • In-house skills transfer to Intellias
  • Environment setup
Execution & Control
  • Create deliverables
  • Scope, schedule & costs baselines management
  • Risk management
  • Quality management
  • Progress dashboard & other reports
  • Acceptance testing
  • Documentation
  • Project artifacts & knowledge transfer to Client

Pilot Project 

You can do a test drive of a full-scale outsourcing to Intellias with a pilot project. Pilot projects are usually a 2-8 weeks engagement that results in a prototype that can be re-used for further developments.

Delivery Management 

Intellias applies Agile principles to deliver the software in a well-organized and ‘eliminate the waste’ manner. It also allows us to shorten release cycles, which is very important in the context of time to market, user demands and competition of your product.

We pay significant attention to establishing proper communication flows with all of your project stakeholders. You are always equipped with progress tracking instruments and processes that enable a very clear view on where the project is.

Apart from that Intellias supports you in proper Business Analysis and Requirements Management disciplines.

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