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European Utility Week 2019: Top Companies We Can’t Wait to Meet

Join Intellias at European Utility Week in Paris and don’t miss the chance to meet the industry drivers we list in this post

October 30, 2019

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As a regular attendee of world top conferences, Intellias heads for one more on November 12-14 – European Utility Week 2019 held in Paris, France. The event is a platform for key energy professionals to meet, share, and discuss top-level content aimed at the latest innovations.

This year, Intellias will be among 18,000 attendees on the EUW and adopt best practices from energy experts. Join us in Paris and pay special attention to these nine companies that drive and facilitate the industry growth.


European Utility Week 2019: Top Companies We Can’t Wait to Meet

When it comes to sustainable energy use, Smappee takes the lead. This Belgian cleantech company is known and respected around the globe; they’ve even won lots of awards in their niche. Smappee specializes in smart energy technology and helps customers save energy efficiently using state-of-the-art technology. If you’re looking for alternative IoT energy technology integrations, Smappee can provide you with low total cost of ownership and many other integration options.


European Utility Week 2019: Top Companies We Can’t Wait to Meet

  • Founded: 2008
  • Location: Göteborg, Sweden
  • Employees: 11–50
  • Website:

Eliq provides customer engagement software to utilities, enabling them to improve relationships with customers. The goals of Eliq are to:

  • Help energy suppliers engage with their customers thanks to real-time personalized communication
  • Reduce energy waste through sharing knowledge about consumption and energy cost management

Eliq’s well-developed mobile app brings the experience of tracking energy waste to a new level. Thousands of customers have already taken advantage of it.

The company also boasts an award for the Best Energy Monitoring Solution in 2017.

Nel Hydrogen

European Utility Week 2019: Top Companies We Can’t Wait to Meet

Nel Hydrogen is a pioneer in various hydrogen activities. The company developed from Norsk Hydro, which was founded in 1927. Nel Hydrogen specializes in hydrogen production plants that can be used in the industry and energy fields. Hydrogen fueling stations are useful for the transport sector as well as power-to-power options applied in the renewable industry.


European Utility Week 2019: Top Companies We Can’t Wait to Meet

Itron enables cities and utilities to provide infrastructure to communities in over 100 countries in a safe, secure, and reliable way. They offer a variety of smart networks and software for energy and water management that are well-designed and easy to use. The solutions Itron offers are perfect for any type of environment. The company provides broad and deep domain expertise with end-to-end options.


European Utility Week 2019: Top Companies We Can’t Wait to Meet

  • Founded: 1977
  • Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Employees: 51–200
  • Website:

The goal of Enbala is to change the utility landscape with the help of a transformative real-time energy balancing platform. This platform enables Enbala to make the world’s power grids better: greener, more reliable, more effective, and more predictable.

The Enbala platform takes a revolutionary and flexible approach to creating controllable and dispatchable energy sources. Their network of controlled resources captures several basic elements. It includes available commercial and industrial (C&I) process loads, energy storage, and renewable energy sources. The platform then optimizes and dispatches resources to meet the real-time needs of the power system.


European Utility Week 2019: Top Companies We Can’t Wait to Meet

Westermo provides clients with well-developed communication products that come in handy in physically demanding conditions. Clients use the company’s products for lots of purposes in fields connected with natural resources:

  • Social infrastructure – transport, energy, and water supplies
  • Process industries – mining and petrochemical

There’s a growing need for industrial-grade data communication due to differences in the needs of industry and corporate IT. Westermo considers the current needs of WHOM? and adjusts to them quickly. They operate in Sweden at facilities in Stora Sundby and Västerås.

Critical Software

European Utility Week 2019: Top Companies We Can’t Wait to Meet

Critical Software helps companies keep up with the demands and standards for performance and reliability in the energy industry. It provides them with safety-aimed systems and software services. Critical Software’s first client was NASA in 1998. Since then, Critical Software has made its way to the global market and into niches such as aerospace, energy, transport, and finance. They’ve earned recognition and the trust of many customers across the globe. The company has offices in the UK, Germany, and Portugal.


European Utility Week 2019: Top Companies We Can’t Wait to Meet

Telit offers a great variety of products and services and has unmatched IoT expertise and developer resources. The company’s universal IoT solutions are used all around the world and can be found in almost any market.

The solutions Telit offers include remote monitoring and control, telematics, industrial automation, cellular communication modules, and GNSS. Telit is also an expert at short- to long-range wireless modules, IoT connectivity plans, and IoT platform services.


European Utility Week 2019: Top Companies We Can’t Wait to Meet

METKA is a big Greek company specializing in large-scale EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction) projects. They also implement high-value-added industrial manufacturing activities in the energy, infrastructure, and defense sectors. METKA’s strong suit is building highly efficient power plants.

Clients in international markets turn to the services offered by METKA. Its projects are used throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. METKA’s industrial facilities produce equipment and components for the energy field, heavy industry, infrastructure, and defense applications.

European Utility Week is a global event worth visiting if you work in the energy field and related niches. The companies presented above possess deep knowledge and experience that they’re eager to share. Contact us to schedule the meeting with our energy expert discuss the latest industry innovations. 

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