Case study

AI & NLP-Driven Language Learning App

We developed an AI algorithm to help aspiring learners acquire a new language

Key features

  • Automate feedback

    Automate feedback

  •  Personalize language tutoring

    Personalize language tutoring

  • Support for multilingual users

    Support for multilingual users

eLearning, EdTech
Team size:
12 members
2014 –present

Android / C++ / Cassandra / HTML / iOS / Java / JavaScript / JSON / Lucene / Objective-C / Scala / SQLite / Xamarin

About the client

Alphary is an educational technology startup from Austria that delivers sophisticated solutions for B2B clients specializing in next-generation vocabulary learning products. Their product team was ready to build an artificial intelligence app to increase business coverage.

AI & NLP-Driven Language  Learning App

Alphary came with the challenge

Alphary wanted to make an AI app to redefine the speed at which language learners acquire English vocabulary. They also wanted to build on the most recent findings in didactics and natural language processing (NLP) as well as the latest eLearning gamification trends in developing their multiplatform solution. To fulfill these ambitions, Alphary required a reliable outsourcing partner with expertise in Java, Scala, C#, and Objective-C as well as experience in EdTech and artificial intelligence app development. Intellias experience in how to create an app with AI became very useful. We came up with a strategic framework for collaborating with our client’s product teams on all design and development processes, from gathering requirements to releasing the product and supporting it post-production.

Intellias covered mobile AI-based app development

Built on proven science, AI technologies for NLP, and solid expertise in Java, Scala, C#, and Objective-C, our solution helps people learn English and provides automated feedback on their progress. The renowned Leitner methodology that lies at its core – plus partnerships with key educational players – makes Alphary a true eLearning pioneer.

Intellias developed innovative iOS and Android applications with further iterations and new rebranded versions. The updated engine and UI have been purchased by many famous German and English educational publishers.

Intellias provided our client with:

  • All drafts, sketches, and prototypes for a desirable, feasible and viable solution
  • A prototype of a system that evaluates student texts and analyzes grammar mistakes
  • Smart Android, iOS, and web applications with an AI backend
  • A parsed and redesigned multilingual dictionary with various types of exercises
  • Continuous quality assurance to cover all types of manual and automated testing

We achieved great results together building an app with NLP

Alphary has an impressive success story thanks to building an AI app for English learners: Oxford University Press, the biggest publishing house in the world, has purchased their technology for worldwide distribution. Intellias designed and developed a new solution with a unique branded interface based on the approaches used in the native application.

We helped Alphary

  • Get recognized by the world’s most renowned publishing houses: Oxford, Cambridge, and Macmillan
  • Set up a UX/UI process for adapting and redesigning the product for end customers
  • Conduct in-depth user research, resulting in defined user personas, pains, and motivations
  • Integrate a server-side component that analyzes student answers using NLP technologies
  • Become the second-most popular language learning mobile app in Germany
  • Gain a huge audience measured in the hundreds of thousands of satisfied English learners
  • Expand their business to Arabic and Turkish markets thanks to multilingual support


We have quite a few educational apps on the market that were developed by Intellias. Maybe our biggest success story is that Oxford University Press, the biggest English-language learning materials publisher in the world, has licensed our technology for worldwide distribution.

Daniel Gorin, Co-Founder of Alphary

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