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Intellias Ltd. (further can be referred as “we,” “us,” “our,” or “Intellias”) have created this website to communicate with casual visitors, potential customers, and companies interested in our services as well as to provide information about Intellias and the IT outsourcing industry. We welcome visitors to observe the information provided on this website with a purpose of general view or direct communication with Intellias.

By visiting this website, you accept our Privacy Policy and agree that we may collect personal data during your stay on the site’s pages. If you disagree with the Privacy Policy on this page, please feel free to leave the site.

Who has access to the data collected by this website?

Intellias is a software engineering services provider that follows established international private data protection practices. These practices include collecting user information in order to provide a better and more personalized user experience based on how you use this website.

The data we collect is kept private and is secured by our Privacy Policy. We do not share your data with any third parties. We do not provide your data for any reason or respond to suspicious requests for user data. Your data is securely stored by Intellias from the moment we collect it.

What data do we collect and why do we collect it?

Intellias only collects data that is essential for giving visitors the maximum benefit from our website and for communicating our services in the most convenient way.

We may collect the following data during your website session:

  • Your email, phone number, name, surname, company name, title, and address as entered in website forms
  • Data about your behavior on web pages during your visit and information about how you navigate the website
  • Statistics such as particular pages you visit, number of unique website entries, the browser from which you visit the site, your screen resolution, and the platform you use

How do we use this data?

We use your data only for website maintenance, service optimization, and business purposes. As a rule, visitor and customer data will be used as follows:

  • To improve your website experience during the next session
  • To offer you specific contents based on your previous usage or based on usability trends shown by the behavior of other users on this site or by other studies
  • To tailor specific offers or show targeted content via suggestions, newsletters, or customized pages
  • To communicate with you via different platforms such as social media, email, or other networks. You can opt out of receiving this targeted content. Still, for other campaigns, we may use your data to deliver improved messaging for other users
  • For internal purposes of sharing knowledge among employees about our marketing campaigns, previous deals, and current customers
  • To comply with internal and external audit requirements as well as for information security purposes
  • To comply with legal requirements such as for prevention of crimes, investigations, or loss or fraud, in which case we may have to share data within the scope of legal proceedings


As is general practice, our website uses cookies to collect data and provide visitors with a more user-friendly browsing experience.

Cookies are select pieces of data that are stored on your computer to help a website recognize you on your next visit. Cookies automatically collect data that isn’t personally identifiable such as preferred internet browser, operating system, domain name, website interactions, visit time, location, and most-viewed pages per visit.

By accepting our Privacy Policy and remaining on the Intellias website, you agree to the use of cookies on our website. You may clean or disable cookies in your internet browser settings to delete this data from your device and stop data from being collected.

External links on the website

Our website may contain external links that take you to third-party websites. These websites operate independently of Intellias and are not covered by our Privacy Policy. The information you share on third-party websites linked to from the Intellias website is covered by that third-party website’s own privacy policy and may be collected for use by such third party. Intellias is not liable for information processed by third-party websites and cannot guarantee your safety when interacting with them.

Revisions to the Intellias website and Privacy Policy

This Intellias Privacy Policy may be revised without notice, as may the content on our website. By continuing to use our website, you accept the Terms & Conditions posted at the time of use.

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