Centers of Excellence

Take advantage of expertise across the entire organization

How Intellias Centers of Excellence can help you

  • Allocate people for the project who best fit your requirements
  • Assign dedicated experts to solve non-trivial problems on the project when help is needed
  • Validate candidates from a technology standpoint during interviews
  • Recognize strategic technologies to keep up with fast-paced changes
  • Consult at the early discovery stages of the development process
  • Benefit from communication and knowledge sharing among experts to grow expertise on the project

How it works

Intellias forms virtual teams led by CoE coordinators and top experts in focus areas. Each CoE can be extended with CoE members who have enough qualifications and are interested in joining, participating, and contributing to the community. A CoE unites employees who belong to different delivery units, departments, and projects to facilitate the exchange of expertise and experience across our entire organization.

When a client has new requirements or is stuck at some roadblock during the course of development, the project team can request CoE services, such as a dedicated expert who will help to resolve the issue. If a client needs to shift between technologies and wants to come up with the optimal solution, a CoE may assign a subject matter expert in the particular technology the project is shifting to. These are just a couple examples of how a CoE may benefit Intellias clients and help them achieve excellence.


Intellias Delivery

Intellias Delivery <br> Organization

of Excellence

Centers<br> of Excellence

How clients benefit from CoEs

  • Expert advice

    Request an expert to resolve issues that arise during the project

  • Early consulting

    Get advice at the early stages of project discovery

  • Knowledge assessment

    Assemble a team based on evaluation criteria

  • Tech interviews

    Involve a technical expert for in-depth interviews

  • Great retention

    Improve retention on the project with better professional development

  • Increased motivation

    Ensure better results with people who constantly develop their skills

  • Constant growth

    Get people who acquire new knowledge and are ready to implement features quickly to improve your time to market

  • Cumulative expertise

    Achieve new goals with the combined expertise of every employee in the Intellias organization

CoE communication framework

Regular community meetups
  • Each CoE organizes an open company-wide community for its area of focus
  • CoEs promote best practices by organizing regular tech talks and meetups
  • The CoE community establishes a variety of channels for knowledge sharing
Excellence strategy workshops
  • CoEs organize regular strategy workshops to define specific development plans for focus areas and action items for coordinators
  • CoEs analyze requests from client projects and internal requests within Intellias to extend CoEs into new strategic areas
Accessible communication channels
  • Community teams
  • Expert teams
  • Community email aliases
  • Expert email aliases
  • Jira for service requests

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