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Data Platform for Autonomous Driving

We built a cloud-based platform powered by real-time data that will enable autonomous driving in the future

Key features

  • Automate driving

    Automate driving

  • Access multiple data sources

    Access multiple data sources

  • Connect to real-time intelligence

    Connect to real-time intelligence

Automotive, LBS
Global (56 countries)
Team size:
72 members

Amazon Web Services / Cassandra / Cucumber / Docker / Flink / Gerrit / Git / Helm / Java / Jenkins / Kafka / Kubernetes / Protocol Buffers / Puppet / Python / Scala / Spark / Splunk / Three.js / WebGL

About the client

Our client has decades of experience in transforming mapping technologies to benefit drivers, OEMs, smart cities, and businesses as well as a new set of location based services for the autonomous driving.

The product portfolio includes multilayer HD maps, integrated in-vehicle navigation systems for global automotive brands, location-based services for enterprises, and a collaborative location based platform powered by real-time location intelligence.

Data Platform for Autonomous Driving

Our client came with the challenge 

Our client accumulated decades of experience in developing navigation products for leading OEMs and location-based services for enterprises and governments. The extensive expertise in location technology sparked the idea of developing a location-based data platform. It would benefit its consumers with shared real-time and historic sensor data, multilayer maps, and predictive machine learning. With a subscription to the enterprise-grade location servicesconsumers of the location data marketing platform could also build and market their custom solutions.

A big data solution at its core, the platform was to serve as the following: 

  • The best technology on the market for safe and secure assisted driving as well as the autonomous data platform
  • Cloud-based ecosystem that enables an exchange of location data through V2V and V2X communication
  • Development environment for rapid creation of proprietary solutions using shared platform assets
  • One-stop marketplace for enterprise-grade spatiotemporal data and services

Intellias developed location data platform

The goal was to bring the flagship autonomous driving platform from concept to market in just two years. From the very beginning, Intellias shouldered the client’s needs through conceptualizing, developing, testing and deploying the cloud-based, API-driven architecture agnostic to data type and source.

At the initial stage, the platform targeted the automotive market, providing the leading OEMs with location-based services for the autonomous driving and a reliable road safety technology that set the foundation for self-driving car development. Detecting hazardous driving conditions from vehicle sensors was one of the use cases we implemented. Driving hazards were detected by analyzing sensor data describing traction, road conditions, weather, characteristics of the road surface, and anomalies in vehicle behavior. Detected hazards were then sent to the cloud and shared among a fleet of connected vehicles as a warning to drive more cautiously at specific locations.

Consumers get the following benefits from our client’s solution:

Access to built-in services such as routing, geocoding, and rendering
Multi-layer maps that are able to resolve up to 75% of mapping data errors
Access to rich map data layers, including classic 2D views and lane-level details
An architecture that lets developers build complex applications
An SDK with rich capabilities for implementing custom data pipelines
A managed environment for secure data deployment
Format-agnostic frameworks that facilitate on-demand content
A standard suite of account management tools

We achieved great results together

Together with the development teams of our client, we released the first version of the location-centric platform. There were many ingredients to our success: a company-wide commitment, client’s decade-long expertise in location products, and a modern technology stack. The most significant, however, was our engineering know-how in computational geometry, graph theory, unsupervised and online machine learning, image processing, and predictive models.

Our client plans to use this platform outside of the automotive sector and autonomous driving solutions thanks to its technological novelty, coverage, security, and plug-and-play subscription model. The location data platform launch brings new opportunities to such industries as insurance, consumer and enterprise IoT, marketing, government, transit and urban planning, retail, and eCommerce.

Benefits to the client: 

  • Top technology for assisted driving and autonomous vehicle market
  • One-stop marketplace for enterprise-grade, continuously updated location services
  • Protection of intellectual property for custom applications built
  • Ability to enrich multilayer maps with real-time data exchanged among connected vehicles
  • Mature self-service for creating innovative location products through a UI and configuration APIs


The partnership with Intellias allows our in-house team to free up resources and focus on other strategic projects, managing only business requirements for the product Intellias has been delivering. Their team did a great job by optimizing the development and quality assurance processes that resulted in increased efficiency and a 40% reduction in costs. Intellias impressed us with their solid talent acquisition process and quality standards.

Andrew, R&D Director at Global LBS company

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